Thursday, November 10, 2011

{happy friday} err…I mean Thursday

Happy faux Friday everyone! Not sure how it works elsewhere, but in Canada (Alberta at least) we have tomorrow off for Remembrance Day. Kind of nice to have a long weekend even though it’s for good and bad reasons.

This Thursday, I am happy about:

{one} my mom is flying in tonight until Sunday! So excited to see her Smile

{two} That I have tomorrow off as well as the following Friday. I’ve mentioned it before, but I bank time during the week which allows me to have every third Friday off with pay. My earned day off fell on tomorrow which is a stat, so my boss let me have next Friday off instead. Quite excited!

{three} I bought myself a little treat last night in the form of these:
photo (14)
So comfortable and can’t wait to try them at crossfit next week!

Tell me: what are you happy about today?


  1. My husband has off tomorrow too! Sadly, I don't :(
    Enjoy your three day weekend. :)

  2. Have a great time with your Mom on the long weekend :)
    Love the shoes let me know how you like them!
    I am also happy it is 'Friday" I usually work Remembrance Day because of a work event but this year we are closed, yay!!!

  3. Love those shoes! Enjoy your mom!

  4. The shoes are great. As a bonus, they match that dress. ;)

  5. Have a great weekend with your mom!!

    Nice shoes!

  6. Have a GREAT weekend with your mom!!! I think it's great that you can take every 3rd Friday off with pay, I would love to work something like that out with my job. Long weekends are great to look forward to!

  7. I am happy that today is my Friday too! It's Veterans day here tomorrow. Not everyone has the day off, but my company recognizes it. I am looking forward to a 3 day weekend!

    Have fun with your mom!!!

  8. love the shoes!! enjoy ur time with ur momma!

  9. Hey girl!!! Just stoppin' by to say hi :) LOVE the shoes!



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