Wednesday, November 23, 2011

One last Christmas swap reminder and a little Q&A

Hi everyone! Just wanted to put one last reminder out there for people who are participating in the Christmas swap with Lindsey and I. Your packages are to be mailed out to your partner by Friday November 25, 2011 (so two days from now!) and I will be doing a link up on Wednesday December 7, 2011, so make sure you do a post about your package before then. If anyone has any questions, please let me know :)


I haven't done one of these for a while, so I thought I would open it up and let you comment asking me anything you have ever wanted to know about little ol' me. Ask me anything about running, my husband, my cute puppy dog, anything really! I have done this before and you can find my answers here and here.

So, what do you want to know about me? :)


  1. Excited about the blog swap - my package went out Monday (or Tuesday) so I believe she should be getting it soon! Can't wait for mine!

  2. Hmmmm. My question would have to be...what brought you to find running and decide that it was your sport? PS Have a Happy Thanksgiving! :D

  3. What to ask...

    Did you do any sports or activities in high school/growing up?

    Other than your family, do you miss living in Ontario?

    What's the worst thing that Harley has destroyed in your house? (Other than your unmentionables!)

  4. Im so sad I missed out on this christmas swap.. How fun!!
    I've nominated you for a blog award! Come check it out on my page!!

  5. I AM definitely going to get my package out by Friday!! It's actually on my list to mail out tomorrow night so maybe I'll even be a day early ;)

    I can't think of any questions right now!! I feel like I learned A LOT about you on our little roadtrip/girls weekend :) Let me see if I can think of some and come back and ask them!

  6. I have one!!! Who was your biggest crush in public school...? Mine rotated between Chris A... Alex G... and Brandon F.... I think you know who I am talking about... lol ;)

  7. Thanks for the reminder. :) I have to admit, I'm planning on cheating though, and dropping it off myself, since my partner is almost local. ;) I will make sure it gets there when it's supposed to though!

  8. Hmmm... My questions:

    1. Do you go the speed limit or do you have a lead foot?

    2. When you were young, what did you think you were going to do for a living?



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