Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Questions & Answers

Well hello Wednesday, so glad that you are here! I typed up this post last night and they were calling for 10cm of snow overnight and into today, so my fingers are crossed that it hasn’t landed by the time I get up this morning. At least it’s not supposed to be super cold again yet.

Last week, I asked everyone to leave a comment asking me anything you wanted to know about me, so today will be the answer part Smile

The first and most important things you must know about me are: I love Diet Coke {buy me one and you’ll be my friend foreverWinking smile}, size 4 at lululemon and size small in Nike dri fit socks Smile Now onto your questions:

Anna asked me: what brought you to find running and decide that it was your sport?
I started running before my August 2010 wedding as a way to help shed some pounds. I didn’t seriously start getting into it until after the wedding when I had more time to train. I would say that I really started getting serious about it in January of this year when I started working on a base and on my training plan for my first half marathon. I love running because it keeps me sane, helps keep the pounds down and can be fun!  Plus it’s not something that I need a lot of stuff for or the gym, so I can basically do it anytime (weather permitting of course!)

Nicole asked me: did you do any sports or activities in high school/growing up?
Growing up, I played mostly soccer. In my small town, kids often played t-ball and soccer at a young age. I started to play t-ball, but couldn’t hit it off the tee so I stopped shortly after that (sad, but true story). I kept playing soccer until two years ago. In high school, I also played field hockey which was a lot of fun. Our team was known for doing really well and we had awesome coaches. It was an awesome experience to be on that team!


Nicole asked: other than your family, do you miss living in Ontario?
Yes and no. I miss my small home town, but not sure I would want to live there right now. I also miss the warmer temperatures in the summer, having access to beaches & lakes and the not as cold winters! But, I also love being so close the mountains here and not dying of heat stroke in the summer!

Nicole asked: what's the worst thing that Harley has destroyed in your house? (Other than your unmentionables!)
We have actually been pretty lucky with Harley not destroying too many things of ours. For some reason, it has mostly been my stuff. He has destroyed two sandals (from different pairs), the clasp on a Nike dri fit hat, some underwear of mine and a shirt of Brian’s. I think the worst was that he got into my purse one time and started chewing on a tube of lip gloss on the carpet, which has now left wonderful stains on the carpet. That would have to be the worst.

Brittany asked: who was your biggest crush in public school?
I should first explain that Brittany and I grew up in the same small town and reconnected through blogging last year Smile I would have to say Josh F, Brandon F or Kody Y. If I wasn’t such a tomboy in my younger years, maybe one of them would have liked me back!!
{ps- this is my younger brother and I. Just trying to highlight how I was a tomboy}

Lisa asked: do you go the speed limit or do you have a lead foot?
I used to be the biggest speeder in the world especially living in Ontario! Mr.D still gives me a hard time about how fast I used to drive when he would come to visit me, haha. Since moving to Alberta, I don’t speed as much as there are photo radar vehicles that sit out catching speeders and I have a fear of getting a ticket. I still can’t stand people who go under or just on the speed limit in the fast lane. Move over!

Lisa asked: when you were young, what did you think you were going to do for a living?
The only thing that sticks out in my mind is that I wanted to be a midwife for the longest time. I gave up on that dream when I didn’t get into the program in university. It definitely is not your typical career choice as a young adult!

Tell me: something about yourself that I don’t know or that people wouldn’t know about you Smile


  1. Loved reading this! :) Tom boy hey!

  2. I used to hate any physical activity - I took the low credit gym class so that I did not have to run track laps...and 10 years later I ran a marathon. haha

  3. Hahaha I think everyone had a crush on Brandon F at one point or another!

  4. Aw, I love this! I was such a tomboy too. Haaha

  5. I want to get into running! But winter probably isn't a god time eh? Darn it!

  6. A midwife is a really random career choice for a kid!! That's too funny!

    This was fun :) Love the picture of you and your brother. You still look kind of the same ;)

  7. Great post! Thanks for answering my questions!

    I love that you wanted to be a midwife and that you even tried to get into the program!

    When I was younger I wanted to be a lawyer. I am so glad that I didn't pursue that!

  8. Running keeps me sane too! I have not run in a week due to an injury. I have been going nuts. I am going to try today and see how things go. Love this post...such a fun idea!

  9. If you come visit me in Minneapolis, I'll buy you a case of diet coke. ;) Ha.

    That is so interesting that you wanted to be a midwife! I thought I was going to be a lawyer or a doctor when I was young - clearly i was way off, and i am glad i was way off becuase neither profession is attractive to me now!

    Let's see... most people don't know I was in a sorority!



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