Wednesday, November 2, 2011

That post where she gets angry

I consider myself to be a pretty happy go lucky person in real life and here on my blog. But today, I want to get a little angry and talk about pet peeves or things that just bug me in general.
The idea for the post came when we were at a restaurant last weekend not during a busy time and an able bodied lady parked in her right in front of the restaurant (not in a stall). It just irked me so much!
  • walkers who start near the front of a race
  • drivers who pull out in front of you and go slow when there is no one coming behind you
  • drivers who don’t stop for pedestrians in a marked cross walk
  • word vertification on blogger. I understand you don't want spam, but it's a pain for non-spammers!
  • people who use the word “biatches” in sentences
  • people who let their dog poop in a public place and then don’t pick it up
  • people who don’t chew with their mouth closed
  • multiple tweets in a row about your post from that day
  • slow walkers in the mall who walk multiple people abreast
  • really obvious spelling mistakes
  • people who can't spell my name right when they should know it
  • drivers who don’t turn their lights on when it’s getting dark out
  • people who call me hun or babe when I don’t know them
  • people who wait until the last second to merge
I could go on and on and on, but I will spare you Smile
Tell me: what are some of your pet peeves?


  1. Haha I do some of those things that annoy you!

    I make obvious spelling mistakes but that's more to emphasize the word than not knowing how to spell it. I also often merge at the last minute because I don't want to wait in the long line when I can sneak in further down. I hate when people merge too early (like on the solid line or at the beginning of the merge lane that is really long because it slows down the flow of traffic and holds everyone else up. Drives me batty!

    Yah I hate when strangers call me hun, babe or sweetie, especially when I am out shopping!

  2. ha ha ha love this! :) You crack me up. I hate when people call me sweetie too, especially ppl my age. And so agree with the poop!

  3. Soo funny! Made me laugh this morning :)
    People who take over 3-4 machines at the gym plus a mat and a bench...
    People who drop weights at the gym
    Texting and driving...still!? C;mon people!
    I will have to stop there hubby says it is time to go to work!

  4. Smokers who throw their cigarette butts on the ground. THAT IS much as throwing your gum package or your coffee cup on the ground.

    Misused apostrophes.

    People who complain about things but aren't willing to do the work to change something.

    I bet if I commuted I would have many more pet peeves about driving :)

  5. Lol, I can totally relate. Especially to the damn captcha thing on blogger! Ugh it drives me nuts. Makes me not even want to leave a comment.

  6. A lot of those pet peeves annoy me too!
    My last name often gets misspelled and I hate it!

  7. Lol! This is awesome. Hmmm, let me see, pet peeves for me:

    - slow drivers in the left lane! Especially when their are SO MANY signs telling them to stay in the right lane!!

    - when someone is tailing me and I'm going the speed limit. If you're right on my ass and I'm *not* going super slow guarantee I'll slow right down just to piss you off more. This actually makes me laugh more than makes me mad :)

    - People who take FOREVER at Checkouts. Gah, pay your money and get out of the way!!

    - People at Starbucks who don't know the starbucks menu and hum and haw over what they want or ask a zillion questions. Let the next person in line who knows their order go please!

    - People who lecture me about my dog or give me "training tips". Nope, I'm good saying "sit" and not making my dog sit by snapping my fingers incessantly in her face, thanks!

    - ppl who update facebook multiple times in a row. Join Twitter if you're going to do that! But it also kind of annoys me if someone has multiple twitter updates in a row too (not replying to ppl but their own updates!)

    I have more but I'll stop here for now ;)

  8. All of these!! And now, people who give me unwanted pregnancy advice!

  9. LOL - it's hard to imagine you actually mad becuase you are so sweet, but I do know you are a spitfire, and us spitfires can get MAD at times! ;)

    My pet peeves:
    - people who cut their fingernails at work. I hate that clipping sound!
    - People who call me sweetheart, honey, dear, etc - if you don't know me, don't use a term of endearment.
    - People who go slow in the passing lane. And yes, I will tail you until you move over because gosh darnit, that lane is for the fast people!
    - People who are late. If it happens once, I can forgive. If it's a pattern? Forget about it.
    - People who try to talk to me on airplanes. I do not want to become your best friend on the 3 hour flight. Let's just exchange polite smiles and call it a day.

  10. Oohh! I don't have time tonight, but I'm sooo doing a post on this tomorrow! I'll let you know then!

  11. I totally agree with all of those. I hate people who merge late. I don't let them in. Yes they get to sit in the lane that is ending and look like an ass because...THEY ARE AN ASS.

    As a mom I hate when strangers ask me if my baby is sleeping through the night and then when I tell them not yet, they give me parenting advice. Or when they call my baby boy a girl. I could really go on and on with parenting ones.

  12. OMG, I hate the multiple tweet thing too.
    And speaking of using biatches - I hate the words awesomesauce, dreadmill, Hotlanta, and SO MUCH. I think of taking blogs out of my reader if I see those words.



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