Wednesday, November 16, 2011

These are my confessions

I have some confessions for today, so here they are:

  • I am struggling with it getting dark at 5pm. It makes the nightly walks with Harley seem so much longer and not as much fun as in the summer
  • Since I stopped running as much, I have steadily gained close to 5lbs, which is a lot for a short person like me
  • Further to the point above, I’ve started using Spark People again to roughly keep track of what I am eating and to make me realize what I am putting in my mouth
  • Even though I want to lose the weight, I love treats and candy!
  • I am starting to become addicted to Crossfit! Such a great workout in a short amount of time. If only it wasn’t so expensive
  • I really want to give up Diet Coke, but am struggling with it. Someone take it away from me and make me totally forget how delicious it is!

You can see previous confessions here and here Smile


Tell me: what are your confessions for today?


  1. I hate how it is dark out by the time I am off work, kinda depressing!
    I actually am the opposite and gain weight while running/training - I think I over estimate the food I need during training. So right now I am down a pounds, but I do not expect it to stay that way with the holiday season just around the corner - I love my sweets too!

  2. I'm having a hard time with the lack of light as well. This is why people get depressed in the winter.

    The good thing about 5 pounds being noticeable on your frame is that it's easy to nip the problem in the bud. You'll get it off in no time.

  3. I gave up diet coke a little over 3 weeks ago. I still can't believe it. Sometimes I want one, but for the most part I get over it. I did have a sip of my hub's Coke Zero the other day though. So, I feel your pain. I loooove me some diet coke.

  4. I know I hate the dark winters too. My morning walks are scary! You should try the bodyrock, click on "my 2011 workouts" and see the ones I have done. They are quick and hard and alot of people have commented they are like crossfit but free. I just use other items instead of the equipement she has...

  5. Dark at night SUCKS! And I totally understand the whole less running thing, but somehow, I've managed not to gain weight (but that's probably because of going to boot camp 2 - 3 days a week). If you want to give up diet coke (I did), you need to ween yourself off slowly. Don't go cold

  6. Since my race I have not been running as much either. I feel like I need to be signed up for a race to stay motivated to run. Also it does not help that it gets dark so early. Makes running after work, not so fun. Diet Coke is amazing! I am a little addicted myself!!

  7. Since I got pregnant, I can't stay away from Coke!! We need to form a group! Haha

  8. I am REALLY struggling with the darkness thing too. It's just so depressing and makes me want to be a hermit. I'm trying to get to work earlier this week so I can leave earlier and walk Chloe in the daylight, but then it's hard to GO to work when it's pitch black out. Sigh. Lose-lose situation.

  9. I am with you on struggling with the dark nights. So hard to get motivated!

    Good for you for tracking your food intake. I like candy and junk too much and it's everywhere tempting me!

    I find if I keep pop out of sight, it's out of mind. Also, if I am going to have something not good for me, I would rather candy or cookies! Trade one vice for another!

    My confession for today- I bought chips and Swedish Berries last night and ate them for dinner. Eeekkk!! I will be good today- I promise!

    See you tonight!

  10. Maybe you are gaining muscle from crossfit. :)

    I am not running much these days lately. I have not been feeling well (although I am on the mend now that I am on this new antibiotic). But the new antibiotic has a side effect of potential tendinitis or a ruptured tendon and the doctor said it seems to be especially prevalent in athletes so he said to be careful. So I am. I figure taking some time away is better than overdoing it and risking an injury!

  11. Ugh, the darkness is depressing. And yeah, running really keeps the weight in check. It's tough during the holidays even if you are running.

  12. have you tried subbing sparkling water for the diet coke? worked like a charm for me....maybe it will for you too? XO

  13. Oh my goodness. I totally know what you mean about easily gaining weight cause you are shorter. I eat a cupcake and I immediately look like a balloon of some sort.

    Confession- I'm totally going to start decorating for Christmas this weekend:)



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