Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Training Tuesday & HBBC Update


I know there are a few of you out there participating in the holiday bootie buster challenge and I am excited to see your updates each week. I decided that I will be doing a weekly update of my points and workouts for the week, so I can keep track.

November 19/11
crossfit (25 minutes): 1 pt

November 20/11
5.2k walk: 3 pts
20 min yoga: 1 pt
30 min spin: 3 pts

November 21/11
3.2k walk: 2 pts
20 min body weight workout: 1 pt

Total: 12 (+1 bonus pt)

In my last two cross fit classes, we learnt about push press, pull ups, deadlifts and high pulls.
First up is the push press. For this exercise, you have your feet hip width apart and a dumbbell (or bar) in each hand. The import thing to remember is that before you push the weights or bar upwards, you have to slightly dip down and then pop your hips to help push the weight toward the ceiling. You are aiming to have your arms straight at the top of the exercise. Here is a picture to help describe it:

The second exercise is pull ups. For this workout, we used the different bands to help aid us with the pull ups. There isn’t much to explain with pull ups except that if you are using a band, you have to make sure you don’t kick your legs out and that they stay straight down to the floor. You can also have whatever grip feels comfortable to you.

The next workout is deadlifts, which are killer! For this workout, you will be using a bar and you want to ensure that to start the lift, you have the bar lined up with your shoe laces.In order to do it right, your shins will be very close to the bar on the way up and down through the movement and might even get banged up in the process.  You also have to ensure that you are lifting with your legs and not your back. Here is a great picture to help explain the movement:

The last exercise was a sumo deadlift high pull done with a kettle bell.  To start the exercise, you have your feet hip width apart with the kettle bell in between your feet. You will squat down, pop your hips up and pull the kettle bell up to your chin. Remember to keep your elbows out and not straight up.

The two workouts were:

200m row
10 push press (7.5 weights)
5 pull ups
1 min rest

Repeated 4 times total

Warm up:
400m row
10 DB push press
10 squats
10 sit ups
*repeat twice

Workout: (lifted 85lbs and took ~15mins)
1A: deadlight 3221 4-5 reps, 60 seconds rest x3
1B: pushups 201 8-10 reps, 60 seconds rest x3

Second workout: (used .7 pood & took 3:30)
5 squats
10 squats
15 squats
20 squats


  1. I wanted to do the HBBC but then decided it was too much with the unpacking right now. Nice work though!

  2. Well, now you've got me motivated to workout! I was going to skip today, but I don't think so anymore :)

  3. Awesome! I'm glad you're enjoying crossfit so much. Looks like an intense workout!

  4. Good job! Some of those exercises are used in the Ripped workouts that I do- I LOVE deadlifts and sumo deadlift high pull (although they call them something else).

  5. You can lift 85 pounds? That is CRAZY impressive Leigh! Way to go!

  6. It looks like such an intense workout! I would love to try a class like this. I bet your arms feel like spaghetti after class!!

  7. Woo hoo! Go guys!

    Id love for you to check out my blog and follow! Let me know and Ill follow back!

    Don't forget to check out my blogging secret santa. Its going to be fun fun!

    can't wait,



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