Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Training Tuesday & HBBC Update


How is everyone’s HBBC going? Hopefully well! I know it’s keeping me motivated by wanting to earn those points Smile

November 22/11
5.5k run: 3 pts
3.2 walk: 2 pts
crossfit (25 mins): 1 pt

November 23/11
40 min body weight workout: 2 pts

November 24/11
4.0k walk: 2.5 pts
20 min body weight workout: 1 pt

November 25/11
5k run: 3 pts

November  26/11
7.1k walk: 4.5 pts
25 min weights: 1 pts

November 27/11
3.2k walk: 2 pts
40 min spin: 4 pts
20 min weights: 1 pt

November 28/11
4.0k walk: 2.5 pts
30 min spin: 3 pts

Total: 13 (from last week) + 31.5 = 44.5


This week in the crossfit class, we learned about overhead squats, kettle bell swings and split jerks.

First up is the overhead squat. It is pretty self explanatory as it is a regular squat except that you have a bar with weights over your head. The important things to remember is to have your arms straight in a v form over head and to ensure that your armpits are ‘showing’ to others. That means that you have to focus on pushing them up and out.  I was hurting for the two days after doing these!


Next is the kettle bell swing, which you can do with either a kettle bell or a dumbbell.  You will place the kettle bell between your feet with your feet hip width apart. You want to focus on picking up the kettle bell with your legs and butt first, and not your back. Once you pick it up, you will swing it up overhead or to chest height depending on your move. You will want to focus on popping the hips and squeezing the butt as you are coming up on the swing.


Lastly is split jerks. To start, you will have your feet hip width apart with a bar racked on your shoulders. This is the racked positioning:

Once you have the bar in that position, you will dip down while jumping into the lunge position while also pushing the bar straight up overhead. Once the bar is in the overhead position, you will move your back foot in first, then your front foot in and then bring the bar back down to the racked position. The end result looks like this:


The workouts for this week were:


Warm up
50 skips
10 squats
5 pushups
50 skips
6 burpees
50 skips

1: overhead squat: 3 x 5-8 reps
2. AMRAP in 12 minutes
6 box jumps
9 kettle bell swings
6 burpees


1A: split jerks: 4-5 reps, 3 sets, 60-90 seconds rest
1B: deadlift: 2-3 reps, 3 sets, 60-90 seconds rest
2A: negative pullups: 3 reps with 8-10 seconds, 3 sets, 60-90 rest
2B: weighted sit ups: 15 reps, 3 sets, 60-90 rest

Tell me: how is your HBBC going if you are participating? If you want a great workout, try workout number 1 above. It’s killer and had me sweating in no time!


  1. Nice work - look at all those points!

  2. Good job! I am way too tired these days to get in more than 5 workouts a week. I am giving myself a break till January - might not be the best time with all the holiday eating but oh well!

  3. Those split jerks look intense!!!

    Great job on all the strength training you've been doing. I bet you're starting to get some serious muscle definition!

  4. Crossfit scares me... maybe it's because all the pictures I see are with really heavy weights!

    Good job with your points! I am slowly earning them! HBBC totally motivates me though!

  5. Great job with your points. I definitely need this challenge with the holidays approaching LOL

  6. Awesome job! Week 2 of HBBC is a slow start for me -- but I'm getting back on track! Those weights look intimidating!! :O

  7. I am not doing HBBC or any sort of challenge. :/ I am trying to work out when I can but am listening to my body and taking it easy... After I get off this last round (hopefully) of antibiotics i want to pick things up and increase my mileage but right now I am taking it way easy!



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