Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Training Tuesday

Since I am no longer training for a race, my Training Tuesday’s have become kind of boring and lame! There is a 5k race on December 3rd that I am tempted to sign up for. Anyone want to join? Smile

A recap of October’s training:

Total kilometers ran

Total kilometers walked

P90X: 126 minutes
Fitnessista: winter shape up 25 minutes
Total body workout: 20 minutes
Nike trainer app: 30 minutes
nher shoes workout: 20 minutes
Cotter crunch workout: tum & tabata 20 minutes

Best run
By far the Victoria half marathon!



I am always on the hunt for new workouts, so I thought I would share a few that I’ve tried in the past few weeks.

tum & tabata from Cotter Crunch

20 minute Tuesday: man makers from nhershoes

Winter shape up week 4 from Fitnessista

Tell me: what workout(s) are you currently loving? Do share!


  1. 30 Day Shred! I like that it is only 20 minutes so I can fit in when my days are busy, which is fairly often right now!

  2. What race is it? I think I am going to start a petition that all races (at least 10K and up) should give out medals.

    I liked Jari Love's Get Ripped series. I have been doing them for years and they are a great workout. I never get bored and I definitely see results (when I do it more than once a month!).

  3. Thanks for sharing these!
    I still love the BodyRock workouts online!

  4. Hey you have got a lot of strength training in! Way more than me! I wanted to do some strength training this morning but once again slept in. Blegh.

  5. I wish I could motivate myself to work out more Leigh. But I like when you post links!

  6. I am loving the fact that I am able to work out again. That sinus infection really leveled me so I didn't run for nearly 2 weeks!!! I ran tonight and it felt great. :)



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