Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Training Tuesday

On Saturday, I started my intro to crossfit course, which runs twice a week for a month. I decided that I would do a bit of a run down of each class and list the workout that we did in the class. Hopefully it helps someone out there Smile

This week, we learnt about the proper way to do a squat in crossfit. Let me tell you, my legs were killing the next day so they definitely work! The major things to remember are:

  1. stand with your feet about shoulder width apart and toes slightly out
  2. keep your head up and looking straight forward
  3. ensure that your knees do not go over your toes
  4. ensure that the natural curve in your spine is maintained (do not bend forward as you squat down)
  5. make sure that your weight is in your heels and not in your toes
  6. as you descend, put your arms up and out (ensure that you are looking straight ahead)
  7. at the bottom of the squat, go below parallel (parallel being your knees and hips in line)
  8. as you rise up out of the squat, ensure you are coming straight up and standing tall before starting your next squat

Here is a great video to explain it more, if the instructions above don’t make sense.

The workout that we did on Saturday was a tabata mash up. It consisted of:

  • squats
  • pushups
  • jumping pull ups
  • sit ups

You do each exercise for 20 seconds with 10 seconds of rest in between for the desired number of rounds. We did 4 rounds on Saturday and it was tiring!

Tell me: have you ever tried Crossfit? If not, would you ever take a course like I am?


  1. Yes I would love to take a cross fit class! Maybe my gym will offer one soon!

  2. I love Tabata work outs! They kick my butt. We do them in my boot camp sometimes, and they really work up a sweat, but also help with the toning that I'm looking for :) Happy Tuesday, Leigh!

  3. I would love to take a cross fit class! I wanted to buy a pass for Eric and I this winter but they are SO expensive I just couldn't justify it. Maybe in the spring I will save up for one!

    I learned how to do a proper squat in yoga a few years ago and it makes ALL the difference in how sore your legs get!

  4. I've never tried it, wish they offered it around here!

  5. I love tabata workouts. So great.

  6. I haven't done CrossFit, but I totally want to!! I've read a couple of blogs (and have a couple of friends) that do it and they just rave. Of course, its a lot of hard work, but they seem to get some major muscle! I actually went so far to research ones in my area...yeah, literally there is one a block from my house. Maybe I should jump on it:)

  7. I would love to try crossfit if I could do a class like you are doing, but I think you just have to full on sign up here and it is SO EXPENSIVE.

    Sounds like a great class, though. I took a body pump class once and they really worked with us on our form, which was nice. When we did squats, they had us think about lifting our toes off the ground so that we would think about having the weight on our heels. I def feel it the next day (and the day after that!) when I do squats!!

  8. Ugh, low squats are so hard for me. My knees don't appreciate it. I've never been to crossfit - the intensity of some of the people there seems to scare me off a bit, but I do like my boot camp style workout.



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