Friday, December 30, 2011

2011: A Year in Review {part two}

Continuing from yesterday, we are picking up at July :)

Completed my first ever sprint triathlon! Lots of nerves going into the day, but I am glad I did it and lived to see another day ;) Recaps can be found here & here.

Finally joined Twitter after some poking and prodding from Amber. You can follow me here: bestthingislove

I ran my second 10k with a time of 52:46, which I was so excited about! We took a day trip to the mountains so I could try out mountain biking....let's say, it won't be something I do again soon! We also celebrated our one year anniversary, which came so quickly!
Exchanging our vows

Such a gorgeous day in the mountains!

I ran Melissa's Race half marathon which was my second half marathon of the year. Not my greatest race, but I finished.
Mr.D, myself and my wonky eye

We also celebrated Harley's first birthday! Craziness that the little puppy we brought home is no longer little.
Can I get a collective awww?


We celebrated my birthday with some close friends, who I met all through blogging. Such a wonderful thing blogging is!
Nicole, myself, Alison & Rachel
This month, I also traveled to Victoria, BC with Amber, Lisa and Lauren for a girls weekend and to run the half marathon. It was honestly such a fun weekend! Especially since it was my first time meeting Lisa and Lauren. I came home alive, so they are definitely keepers :) You can read the trip recaps here and here.

Lisa, Amber, Lauren & myself
I think the best post of this month was the birthday post that Mr.D did for me. He's such a sweetheart and I love him for doing it once a year for me.

My mom came to visit us again this month. I love being able to spend time with her even if it's only for a few short days.
my mom & I
I also started my intro to crossfit class this month and am currently still doing it, so I obviously love it! I also volunteered at a local race with Alison and Nicole, which was a lot of fun.
Nicole, myself & Alison
Celebrated Christmas with my office by going to a dinner theatre. It was my first time doing so, and it was actually quite fun!
Mr.D & myself

I also ran a 5k with a few co-workers. It was one co-worker's first race, so it was fun to run with him and encourage him through it.

I keep saying it, but this year seriously flew by! It was a great year overall with lots of exciting things and I can't wait to see what 2012 brings!
Tell me: what was your favorite memory or event from 2011?


  1. You had one happy year!! I'm so excited to see what 2012 brings for you!

  2. Our weekend in Victoria was absolutely one of the highlights of my year! It was so fun! We absolutely need to plan another weekend like that.

    You had a great year! Can't wait to follow along and see what 2012 has in store!

  3. One of the highlights of 2011 for me was my trip to PEI. It was my first trio and I loved the island. You had an exciting year!! Hope 2012 if even more exciting for you.

  4. I don't think I can pick a favorite memory - there are too many to choose from! 2011 was a great year for so many of us. Here's hoping 2012 is even better!

  5. Looks like you had a great year! Fun to look back and see all the things you did! Happy New Year! :)

  6. Such a great year!! I also can't believe how fast it went by! This also means we have known each other for almost a year but it feels like much longer than that (a good thing!).



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