Monday, December 5, 2011

HBBC Update & a reminder

I know it's a little boring to do a recap each week, but I like it as a way to keep track of everything :)

November 29/11
1.8K walk: 1
30 min weights (crossfit): 1.5

November 30/11
20 min body weight workout: 1

December 1/11
5k walk: 3

December 2/11
4k walk: 2.5

December 3/11
5k run: 3
3.2k walk: 2
20 min crossfit: 1
30 min shoveling: 2

December 4/11
7k walk: 4.5
30 day shred: 1
30 min shoveling: 2

December 5/11
4k walk: 2.5
30 min abs: 1.5

Total: 73

Overall, I have been enjoying the challenge as it's helping to keep me motivated during the dark and cold winter.

Just a reminder to those that participated in the Favorite Things Christmas Swap with Lindsey and I....tomorrow I will be posting a link up so everyone can see what each other received in the swap. I have seen some awesome packages already! Make sure you have done a blog post about your package, so you can participate :)

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  1. I LOVE how you included shoveling in your HBBC points! Totally counts!



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