Thursday, December 1, 2011

Three Things Thursday

Since I haven’t done it for a while, it’s time to bring back an awesome segment called ‘would you rather’. We all know you love it and love to play along Winking smile

{one} would you rather be Jessica Simpson or Christina Aguilera?
I would have to say Christina as she has a better voice and is a little smarter than Jessica. Who can’t forget the chicken of the sea incident?


{two} would you rather public speak naked at a beauty pageant or would you rather public speak at obese conference where everyone else was naked? {this one is courtesy of Mr.D}
I would have to say where everyone else was naked and hope that my eyes never wander down to their level. Public speaking naked would be terrible!

{three} would you rather hang out with the cast of bridesmaids or the cast of the hangover?
This is tough as both casts are seriously funny! I am going to say the cast of the hangover . All I can think of when I see the lady from SNL is her character with the small hands and it creeps me out!


Ok, let’s hear your answers! Smile


  1. Jessica, not sure why. But the chicken incident - ya, got me too - haha. But I am not blonde ;)
    Yes, where everyone else was naked for sure!
    Bridesmaids :) I thought the movie was hilarious!

  2. Jessica- I LOVED the Newlyweds show (still sad they split up) and I find her adorable even though she is such a blonde. Christina seems just a little trashy to me.

    If I had to public speak, it would be better if the audience was naked and not me!

    This is tough as I loved both movies and casts! I would probably say the cast of the Hangover though.

  3. Christina!! I used to love her!

    Everyone else naked FOR SURE.

    I have never seen Bridesmaids (I know, the shame!) so I'm going to have to go with the Hangover I guess :)

  4. I agree with all of your answers except the first one. I would be Jessica. I think she puts on the stupid act. Plus she's pregnant! And I LOVED being pregnant.

  5. I agree with your answers for both #1 & #2! I can't weigh in on either Bridesmaids or the Hangover...

  6. Hmmm...
    1- Christina. I love that she's made such transformations in her look regularly.

    2- As much as I wish I could say "I'd want to be the naked one and show some confidence by just wearing a smile!" that just would NOT happen and let's be honest- I'd just get too cold. So I'd rather be the clothed one.

    3- The cast of bridesmaids. Those ladies CRACK ME UP! And I would love to become their friend :)

  7. 1. Jessica... I really don't like Christina for some reason.

    2. Everyone else naked. I could not speak in public in the nude!!

    3. Bridesmaid for sure!!

  8. I think I'd go with the boy from Hangover...try to put some moves on Bradley;)



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