Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Training Tuesday & HBBC update


Another week has gone by and another week of points for the holiday bootie buster challenge. How is it going for you if you are participating? The thing that I find the hardest is that the challenge is geared towards runners and with the weather being so crappy and having no access to a treadmill, I am limited to when I can run.

December 6/11
20 min crossfit: 1pt

December 7/11 rest:0

December 8/11 20 min crossfit: 1 pt

December 9/11
6k run: 3.75 pts

December 10/11
20 min crossfit: 1 pts

December 11/11 4k walk: 2.5
30 min spin: 3

December 12/11
3.2k walk: 2
20 min crossfit: 1

Total: 88.25

In case anyone is looking for a little motivation, I am going to list some of the workouts that I have done at crossfit in the last week. I don’t think I mentioned it on my blog, but I signed up for a three month membership, so I have been going 2-3 times per week.

Workout one

Tabata style workout: 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest for 8 rounds of each exercise

Medicine ball cleans {14lbs ball}
Switch lunges
Pull ups
Push press { 22lbs bar}


Workout two

1. 500 m row, 90 seconds rest, 500 m row
2A: bar hold x4 {as many seconds as possible} 90 seconds rest
B: handstand hold x4 {hold for 60 seconds}  90 seconds rest

photo (20)
Don’t mind my outfit, we were going for a run shortly and yes I put on a shirt Smile

Although the workouts look short in length, they are killer! Especially the switch lungs and bar holds!


  1. I've really thought about doing Crossfit... might have to find it somewhere after I have this baby!

  2. Nice work. Glad you signed up, you seem to love it. Can't wait to try.

  3. I've had a hard time with the running lately too. Some runs at the track, but the decision was made this week to spring for a treadmill...

  4. Nice! I should try a headstand hold but pretty sure I'd fall in 2 seconds ;)

  5. Awesome! You're doing so well! I haven't run in forever [bummer I now] I just haven't been super super super motivated to exercise...I'm DYING to go on a hike, but don't want to go alone. Nice job on exercising through the holidays!


  6. Awesome job on the handstand!! You look like a pro!

  7. Nice work on the handstand!!!! I seriously doubt I can do one, even up against a wall. I should really try it!

  8. Wow - you look toned in that photo!! I could NOT do that!!! Nice work!

    I have not been running much lately since i haven't felt well, but I did go for a run yesterday and was surprised that my pace was 9:05 - so I must not be losing my level of fitness?

  9. I'm impressed by your head stand! Did all the blood run to your head? That's what I remember from doing those as a kid. I should try to do one again!

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  11. Awesome work on the handstand!!



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