Monday, December 5, 2011

{weekend recap}

I think the theme of this weekend was snow, snow, Christmas and more snow! Friday was an okay day in terms of weather and same with Saturday morning, but it started to snow on Saturday afternoon and didn’t stop until Sunday afternoon.

{friday} I had the day off on Friday (don’t be jealous NicoleWinking smile), so I braved the mall to get my Christmas shopping done. I have a few things left to get, but got the majority of it done. I consider that a success Smile After shopping, we took Harley for a walk and then went out for Vietnamese food. Perfect Friday night
{saturday} I was up bright and early to meet up with some co-workers as we were running the Santa Shuffle 5K. One of my co-workers is just getting into running, so I ran with him and another co-worker. It was kind of fun running it as a fun race and not concentrating on getting a personal best. I think we finished in just over 31 minutes, so he was pretty happy!
photo (15)
Missing one co-worker as she took the picture and don’t mind the guy’s face
After the run, I headed home to let Harley out before I had to head to crossfit. It was my last class and I am kind of sad it’s over! I definitely learned a lot and it was well worth the $120. After crossfit, we took Harley for a walk before the snow starting flying! It came out of nowhere and didn’t stop until Sunday! We also put up our Christmas tree, which made it feel more like Christmas as the snow was falling and the Christmas tunes were playing.
photo (17)

{sunday} We spent the day putting the rest of the decorations up {more pictures to come}, cleaning the house and working on Christmas projects. I saw this idea on Danica from chic runner's blog and thought I would try it out. They were super easy to make and turned out pretty cute!
photo (18)

Once the snow stopped falling, we took Harley for a long walk and it was actually a gorgeous day as the sun was shining. Even though we were left with this:
photo (16)
View from my front door

It was a pretty low key weekend, but it was perfect Smile

Tell me: how was your weekend? Did you get lots of snow too? If not, I am jealous!


  1. In Ottawa - we did get a light dusting of snow on Friday but it was beautiful weather all weekend and today, it's +8 and raining (but we are expected to get 2-4 cm of the white stuff tonight)

  2. Soudns like a pretty good weekend. Love your tree! Can't wait to get ours up! We'll have to do a drop in Crossfit class together!

  3. Soo much snow! haha
    There was a Santa Shuffle here too, but I already had plans for that morning so couldn't go but I saw them all running with their reindeer antlers. I am itching to get in a nice winter run soon, maybe this weekend if the weather stays nice.

  4. No snow in Montreal at all. We had a decent amount a couple of weeks ago but since then, nothing!

    It was weird to pick out a Christmas tree when it was almost 10 degrees out...

  5. We still have ZERO snow and it was so warm yesterday that I went running in just my long-sleeve from Victoria and no toque or gloves! It's been a VERY mild start to the winter here but I love it. They are calling for snow tonight but then it's supposed to be 10 on Friday so I guess it will all melt again anyways. I'm not complaining though ;)

  6. What a great weekend! And I love all the snow!

  7. Sorry- I was/am still jealous of your Friday off! Glad to hear you got most of your shopping done.

    Sounds like a good, fun race!

    I LOVE your tree!! Next year I am doing the ribbon garland. We have a bunch of rolls but always forget we have them until after we put up the glass garland beads! I love how full your tree is. That's my one complaint about ours.

    I love the decorations you made. Where are you going to hang them?

    That snow was quite the shock! Luckily I didn't have to shovel it but poor J's back is so sore.

  8. We got a couple of inches so not much! I am kind of glad it snowed. It felt weird not having snow in December!

    My weekend was pretty good. Stomach flu Friday, which obv sucked. Saturday i went to a friend's son's 1st bday party. Sunday I woke up wide awake at 5:30 and got ALOT done!

  9. I was happy to see the snow, I love winter :)



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