Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas Holidays 2011

This vacation was so much fun and nice to get away that I am still struggling with getting back into my normal routine! I am pretty sure that I have wished I was still sitting on the beach multiple times since we have been home.

Instead of doing a really long or a bunch of posts, I am going to recap our trip by talking about the highlights and maybe a few bummers about the trip. Here we go!

The highlights were:

1. Spending over a week with my family {being on the beach didn't hurt either ;)}

My lil brother was clearly having 'fun' in this picture :)

The gorgeous beach

2. Going on two excursions that included ATV'ing and sliding down waterfalls

Getting ready to go and had NO idea what was coming!

Mr.D & his WW1 helmet

Getting ready for the falls

3. Playing sociables (or kings as some call it) with my family. Most hilarious drinking game ever!

Hard to explain how funny it was, but definitely one of those deep in your belly laughing nights!

4. Spending time relaxing and reading on the beach with Mr.D

Windy day on the beach

My mom & by the pool

Mr.D & I on the beach


Nothing quite like laying on the beach with nothing to do but read a good book!

Now, the bummers about our trip:

  • seeing the inside of five different airports in 11 days. I will be okay without flying anywhere for a while! 
  • sickness while on the trip and that followed us home. I got sick (probably too many fries and sun) on NYE, so I spent the afternoon sleeping and we ended up in bed at 10:30pm on NYE. Party animals we are!
  • ATVs that had no brakes on our excursion, which resulted in someone *cough me cough* running into the back of parked ATV's. 
  • leaving my family after a great holiday

Overall, it was a great holiday with many memories and I loved being able to spend time with my family.


  1. Sounds like a great holiday! I am terrified of ATVs! haha No real reason but I am.

  2. Yes! I've played kings once and LOOOOVED it. Sooo fun. You are lookin' supa tan in that first pic!

  3. Hahahah oh Leigh. It sounds like a fun trip! I wouldn't want to be back toreaal life either.

  4. I'm sorry you were sick on NYE :(
    But you look amazing!

  5. Awesome pictures! Looks like it was a really great time. I have actually never been on a tropical holiday like that but I would like to go on one soon! Sounds so relaxing!

  6. Sounds like perfection! You make me excited for our trip. Your excursions sounded awesome! Love your bathing suits too. I need to find a new one, smart me leave it until winter! Without time to ship one here from VS!

  7. Looks like a great trip minus all the airports, NYE sickness and the busted ATV! You are so tanned!

    Sociables is such a fun game!

  8. Looks like a really great trip! You look SO tan! I am glad you had a great time - bummer about feeling sick, though. And yah, seeing that many airports? Yuck!!

  9. Sounds like great fun! Especially the waterfall excursion!

  10. Glad you enjoyed your trip! Those bad parts will be things to laugh about years from now!



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