Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Training Tuesday

Well, I haven't started to hibernate yet, but I am definitely close. Because of the snowy and cold weather my drive yesterday took close to an hour and it was -28C (-39C with the windchill!). Anytime someone wants to pay me to work from home so I don't have to venture out in the cold would be awesome.


For those of you who follow me on Twitter, would have seen that I tweeted yesterday about whether or not I should run a marathon this year. It is something I really, really want to do, but am scared to pull the trigger and register for it. It's a big time commitment and will take some shuffling of responsibilities between Mr.D and I, but I think we could manage.

I have already registered for a 5 mile race in March, which gives out a medal at the end and is not a very common distance in Canada. I am also going to register and run the Scotiabank Calgary half marathon like I did last year. They changed the race course, but I loved it last year, so hopefully I will again this year. I also might sign up to run another half at the end of April in Edmonton. It's only $45 and close my in-laws house, so can't beat that.

I think the biggest things that are holding me back from running the marathon are:

  • self doubt
    •  can I actually run 26.2 miles? 
  • training
    • I will be doing it alone or with Harley during the week for shorter runs
  • the time commitment
    • I love running, but was burnt out from it by the end of last year (hence the move into crossfit)
  • crossfit
    •  my three month membership is up in March, so do I sign up again or do I just focus solely on running? If I sign up again, will I be able to fit crossfit and running in each week so that the membership is worth it? (it's not cheap: $150/month)
  • weather
    • the summer in Alberta can be all over the place, but it beats running through the cold weather for a spring marathon. But more than likely, I will be running the marathon on a hot day
The other idea running through my head is that I keep up with crossfit and instead run half marathons and focus on getting faster and taking time off of my PR. 

Ah, so many choices and options!

Tell me: for those of you who have run a marathon or even a number of half marathons, what do you think I should do? Full or more half's?


  1. I say a full. haha. Even though training for my full last year was quite the time commitment, and at times not fun with AB weather it was 100% worth it I will never regret it. To say you ran a full marathon is a great feeling! And something very few people can say. Also I ran a May full for started training in exactly one year ago, but if you run a later full you can probably start March for a July-August full missing the crappy weather or most of it. I did many 25km plus runs on the treadmill... haha.
    I have so much to share of you decide to do a full so keep me posted. And the 20% physical 80% mental is VERY true!
    PS Running the race is the easy part!

  2. First, I think you're totally ready to do a marathon. Especially since you're having "the itch" to do it ;)

    Like I said on Twitter last night, I highly recommend looking into joining a Running Room clinic (or any running group for that matter!) My clinic cost $80 and was SUCH a good investment for me. If you think about it, that's A LOT cheaper than a gym membership for 4 months! Also having a group to meet has been extremely motivating - especially in the snowy/cold and I know it will be good when I get up into the really long runs. Last time I trained it was REALLY hard for me to go out and run 2.5 - 3.5 hours by myself.

    I'm not sure what you should do about Crossfit. Can you do drop-in? $150/month is a steep price if you don't use it a lot. And, honestly, when you get deep into marathon training it can get really hard to fit in cross-training. Plus you want running to be your priority so want to be careful about tiring your body out too much doing cross-fit. If you could do a drop-in thing you could go once a week maybe and then you wouldn't feel like you were wasting that $150/month? I would say maybe try it for the first month of training and see how it goes. It will probably be easier to fit in then before you get into the really long runs!

    Good luck! I'm excited for you

  3. I would say go for a full but if it involves a lot of training during the winter I would find a marathon where most of the training would occur in the spring/summer. I am glad that I finally did a full but I couldn't do it alone so if you need some support, round us up on twitter! Oh and if I did a full marathon, you definitely can because you did way better training at your halfs than I did for my full LOL.

  4. There is no doubt in my mind that you can do a full! You would rock those 26.2 miles! I will admit that training is time consuming, but it only gets bad when you get up into the higher miles. I trained for my first one alone, and it was fine except it just got boring and lonely for some of the long runs. I just made sure to have a really awesome play list to keep me motivated. For my second I trained to Team in Training and that was nice because they mapped the runs and there were always people to run with. I would say go for it. You have to do it at least once! Crossing that finish line was worth every single mile! :)

  5. I know you could run a full marathon no problem but I can't say for sure whether you should do it now or wait another year (or whatever)...

    I wouldn't do crossfit and full marathon train at the same time but that's partially because I don't fully know what crossfit is like. It's probably do-able but you might feel like you aren't getting enough out of the membership to justify the cost.

    I second joining a full marathon clinic. I think J is going to join the Crowfoot one starting... now... because there is no instructor for the full marathon clinic. It's to train for the Calgary Marathon in May.

    You could also do half marathons and crossfit. I guess it depends on your long term goals- could you train for a marathon next year?

  6. I think you can ABSOLUTELY do a full. You are so motivated and dedicated. You would absolutely kill it! Training will definitely take a lot of time, but just think of how amazing you will feel when you cross that finish line! SO worth it!!

  7. I say run one this year. You can always do things like cross fit, but your life might not always allow for a marathon (like when you have kids). You CAN do it! Just try to find a group to train with as that will make a WORLD of difference!



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