Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday randoms

Hello Wednesday, thanks for coming already! Just keep the snow away as I am not enjoying having winter in Alberta. I could do without the snow and coldness for the rest of the winter okay?

Here are my random thoughts for this Wednesday:

I found the best flat iron at Winner's (the Canadian version of TJ Maxx) for $45! It makes my hair so straight and keeps it that way for 2-3 days. Best money ever spent.

Not the greatest picture, but Harley seriously makes us laugh! We came around the corner in the basement and this is how we found him sitting on the steps. He's got mighty long legs! :)

We watched the finale of Homeland two nights ago and it was awesome! I wasn't sold on the show right away, but it turns out to be a great show by the end of the season. A must watch!

Tell me something random about your week!


  1. Harley is the sweetest! Our dog used to sit like that. LOL

  2. We must find me that flat iron on Sat!! :) I keep telling he needs to get us that show!! Oh Harley we love you!!

  3. Cute picture of Harley.

    I just recently started using a flat iron. It has changed my life. ;)

  4. Try the curling iron as well - keep your hair curly for just as long!!

    What's a dog to do with long legs! Too cute!

  5. Harley is just the cutest! I wish I could use a flat iron on my hair. I have tried it a couple times, but it takes forever and my hair is just too curly that it did not look right.

  6. i've never thought of dying winner's for a flat iron...i might have to check next time i'm there!

    something random: lately my technique for making sure i get my workout in is to wear my workout clothes while i work. no excuse to slack if i'm already dressed. i think this is only allowed if you work from home like i do :)

  7. Omg that picture is HILARIOUS! He does have some long legs. Whoa!

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  9. you are lucky your hair stays clean for 3 days! I'm lucky if I get 2 says out of mine!

  10. Ha, that pictures is awesome! And I am envious of the fact that your hair stays straight that long! Mine needs to be re-straightened the next day!

  11. I was sooo bummed when I realized I couldn't watch Homeland because we don't have Showtime...but now its I'm super excited!



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