Monday, January 23, 2012

{weekend recap}

Hello everyone! How was your weekend? Hopefully it was fantastic!

This weekend, we:

  • enjoyed a quiet and warm Friday night in. The cold snap was still holding on, so hanging out in the house was perfect
  • went to a crossfit class, which kicked my butt!
  • Ran a few errands, which included buying new running shoes for me. That should motivate me to run right?
  • went to a friend's house, which was quiet but still fun
  • went for my first run in a long time! It was a little snowy so it made it harder, but still nice to get out there
  • took Harley for a long walk on Sunday afternoon. The sun was shining and the weather was finally warming up!
Mr. Harley

Harley & I

Tell me: how was your weekend? What were you up to?


  1. What kind of shoes did you get?
    I am SO happy it is going to be warmer this week!

  2. I just noticed a crossfit class near my work! Might have to check it out post-baby.

  3. < ---- jealous of you getting to wear jackets and hats.

  4. Sounds like a good one, so glad it warmed up!!

  5. I spent 95% of the weekend on the couch trying to kick my sinus infection. And I'm still home from work today :( So not a great weekend. Hoping to be 100% by tomorrow!

  6. Like Amber, I'm trying to kick an illness.

    Love the pictures though. Looks like Harley's loving the temp!

  7. I spent the weekend getting over a chest cold but it is mostly gone and I am ready to get running again too. Have you decided on the full marathon? I read you got new running shoes :))

  8. What kind of new running shoes did you get? I'm in the beginning of training for a half, but had to stop because of some pain. Hitting up the doctor on Wednesday to find out what's going on :) Harley looks so happy in the snow!

  9. My weekend sucked... Lots of pain, some tears, some puking. But I am on the mend. And luckily I had my mom there to help me through the recovery process! Onwards and upwards!

  10. I had a pretty decent weekend- some circuit training, a mexican fiesta, a long run, and some relaxation.

    Hope the new shoes make you excited to get out and run!

  11. My weekend was relaxed :) We did a lot of planning for getting the rest of the rooms in our house organized and set up. I'm so excited to get started on them!

  12. We had a lovely weekend! In fact we had our first dinner guests since arriving in Vancouver. It honestly made us feel ever so much more settled!

  13. Yay for new running shoes!! Did you get the same kind?



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