Monday, January 30, 2012

{weekend recap}

Another weekend has come and gone...I can't believe that January is already over! Time is really flying by lately.

This weekend, we:

  • watched the movie Drive with Ryan Gosling and the movie Time with Justin Timberlake. Neither were anything fantastic. If Ryan Gosling talked more in Drive and didn't wear that terrible looking coat, then maybe it would have gotten a better review from me.
  • went to the mall on Friday night and I only bought two things! A plaid shirt and a button up sweater for work. 
  • went to a crossfit class on Saturday and hurt my shoulder :( We were doing push presses with dumbbells and the dumbbell came down wrong and I heard a noise in my shoulder. I used lighter weights after that and put deep cold cream on it last night, but still hurting today. Hopefully time off helps it heal. The workout was a good one:
                          1 round for time:
                          750m row
                          75 dumbbell push press
                          25 chest to bar pull ups
                          75 dumbbell push press
                          750m row
  • spent Saturday afternoon cleaning the floors and doing other cleaning stuff around house
  • stocked up our fridge with groceries {I wish there was a grocery fairy!}
  • spent Sunday morning cooking up a storm in preparation for our eating in challenge in February. I made:
    • a pan of lasagna
    • a batch of turkey chili
    • two batches of southwestern black bean soup
  • dog sat a friend's dog on Sunday. Harley and her are cute together! {but don't worry Cruz, Harley is forever yours ;) }

Tell me: how was your weekend? What were you up to?


  1. I haven't seen either of those movies, I'll have to check them out!

  2. It sounds like you had a really productive weekend!! I was pretty lazy this weekend. Ran, read my book and laid on the couch, went shoe shopping and for lunch with a friend yesterday and made cookies. Nothing too exciting!

  3. If I could just buy my groceries online, then have someone deliver them and put them away, I would be in heaven.

  4. Cruz was worried for a minute there...she is very excited or Saturdays date though! :) I hope your shoulder feels better soon. Look at you all getting prepped for eating in. I need to spend a day doing that. :)

  5. Cute puppies! Homie loves when friends come over to play!

  6. I hope your shoulder is feeling better! My weekend was very low key. I did a whole lot of studying, some reading, and a little bit of cooking!

  7. Ouch- hope your shoulder is okay!

    You are ahead of us in your food prep!! So far J has made one batch of soup! Sure hope this kid doesn't come for another 10 days at least since we really need to stock up the fridge/freezer with more than yummy snacks!



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