Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A new challenge: weekly recipe round up

Another week has gone by in the challenge! I will admit that we broke the challenge once this past week when we went out for dinner with my in-laws when they came into town. It's hard to say no to your visitors :)

Find the week one recipes here and the here. Just a warning about this week's recipes...I took ZERO pictures of our meals as I am clearly not a food blogger. 

14. Valentine's Day! We decided to make dinner at home for each other. We had baked salmon, rice and baked califlower. We used a glaze for the salmon made out of brown sugar, mustard and balsamic vinegar from  here. So easy and so yummy!

15. We made a homemade version of pad thai with shrimp and veggies. It's our stand by sort of meal if we can't think of anything to make as it's so easy and yummy.

16. This recipe for asian style meatballs would have to be our number one favorite and most eaten recipe ever! It's so easy and so, so yummy. I usually make mine with ground chicken instead of turkey and leave out the shredded carrots. I definitely recommend trying it!

17. Neither of us had taken anything out for dinner, so it was a fend for yourself kind of night. Mr.D had left overs and I had scrambled eggs and toast.  

18. This is the night that my in-laws were in town and we went out to The Keg. That twice baked potato was so worth breaking the challenge for!

19. Neither of us felt like cooking, so we bought deli meat and made sandwiches. Mine included: piri piri chicken, alfafa sprouts, cucumber, cheese and tomato. So easy and yummy.

20. Homemade cheesy vegetable chowder that I found on Pinterest.

This recipe is definitely a keeper! It was so easy and tasty. It also made enough for two extra meals for each of us. 


  1. I'm gonna have to try that soup and meatballs! Yum. Thank you!!

  2. I need to check out that soup recipe! I am soup obsessed right now!

  3. Yum, all of this sounds good! I tried 2 new recipes this weekend. I made fish tacos & this black bean & rice dish. Both turned out great!

    And I think it's totally ok to break your no eating out thing when you have visitors. :)

  4. I love that you have scrambled eggs and toast when you don't feel like cooking!!

    That cheesy soup looks so good- I am going to have to try it!

  5. that soup looks sooooooooooo awesome



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