Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday randoms

Do you ever have one of those weeks where you want to be anywhere but work? I have zero motivation at work this week and not really sure why. On a happy note, it's Thursday so that means one day closer to FRIDAY!

Here are my random thoughts for today:

  • I received a letter in the mail from my doctor's office today stating that I missed an appointment on Monday and that if I miss another or fail to cancel the appointment, I will be charged $50. Here's the thing, I never  had an appointment scheduled for Monday. I originally had one scheduled for February 6 (the previous Monday), but called in January to move it to yesterday. So I will definitely be calling the office tomorrow to tell them they screwed nicer words of course.

  • The reason that I had to go to the doctor was for a physical. Those are always the highlight of my year (or 3 in this case)

  • that last bullet was probably too much information, but everyone has to get them right?

  • Monday is a statutory holiday in Canada (not sure about the States) and I cannot wait to have the day off! Plans will definitely include sleeping in.

  • I don't understand people who drive in the fast lane and are constantly getting passed by everyone in the middle lane. Take a hint and MOVE over already!

  • On a walk with Harley the other night, I saw a sign on a house that said "no flyers or junk mails please". Dear house, I think you mean junk mail not mails.

  • I made a pan of double chocolate brownies last night for Mr.D as they are his favorite and he has a nasty cold right now. Please someone come take them before they go straight to my waist.
And because no post is complete without a picture, here is a random picture for you:
My roommate in university and I meeting Dallas Green from City & Colour before he got really popular. 

Tell me: something random about your week


  1. Love this post. Mails. ha ha And thank goodness for Monday! :) Yay. Mine will involve cleaning. Boo.

  2. mmm brownies sound great right now!

  3. It actually isn't a stat in all provinces - just Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario. And in Ontario, I don't think the federal employees get it because it isn't in their current bargaining agreement...
    I get a good deal though - I live in Quebec (where there is no holiday) but my work is in Ontario, so I get the day off!

    Is it safe to assume that the picture was taken before Dallas met Leah Miller? Maybe he saw you two hot blondes and decided he needed one of his own. ;-)

  4. i too have had a difficult time getting motivated this week.

  5. Have a great long weekend! Monday is the only day "off" I have till Feb 28th so I am hoping I can keep it that way :)
    PS Physicals are also the highlight of my year...haha ;)

  6. Slow drivers in the fast lane are my BIGGEST pet peeve!!

  7. something random...I am on my first week of mat leave and still no baby...i'm ready to pop, my hips are aching, i can barely walk and frankly, all i do is complain these days!! LOL

  8. Something random about my boss needed a tutorial on our database system after working here 6 years. So that was a real eye opener to his incompetence LOL. This Monday is when the US celebrates Presidents' Weekend so we have off too.

  9. Slow drivers in the fast lane are the WORST!!!

  10. I hate Dr's offices just for things like irks me when they do stuff like that!

  11. Definitely not TMI! And your hair looks so cool in that last picture. Oh and as for a three day weekend, I have one too! I am so excited!!!

  12. Oh man I would be giving the Dr. office a piece of my mind!! The joys of being a woman...

    My favourite is when you are driving in the right lane, approaching someone going the speed limit or slower and they move over to the middle lane so you can pass them!! Ok idiot!!!

  13. John's dentist office did that once (until he switched). But they were horrible people. They would make him appointments without him asking for one, then charge him for a missed appointment. By the time he went there to straighten it out, they were out of business. THEN we found out that they were putting things through his insurance that he never had done. So when he switched offices and needed that work done, his insurance wouldn't cover it. Luckily the new people who bought out the bad office, did the work for free because they felt bad. He wasn't the only one that happened to! Sorry for the long story.

  14. I get Monday off but sadly hubs doesn't!! And I must say it won't be as fun hanging solo. Ps I have a Yorkie named Harley!

  15. I do not get Monday off. The markets are closed, but we are open... So it will be a dead day!

    Something random is that I am tired of the uncertainty of certain situations at work that are out of my control. I am trying not to worry but that is easier said than done at times.

  16. It's not a stat in BC. Wahhhh! Our new premier did make BC have Family Day but that doesn't start till 2013!

    Enjoy your long weekend!



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