Thursday, February 23, 2012

Would you rather Thurday

I haven't done this post idea for a while, so I figured it's Thursday today and it's fun so why not? You can find previous posts here and here and here.

The theme for this week is going to be giving things up. Okay, let's get to it.

{one} would you rather give up Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest for six months?

I think I would have to say Pinterest. I can live without it for six months...just means I'll have to Google stuff more often :)

{two} would you rather give up sex or booze for a month?
This might be cheating, but I would say booze. Only because I don't drink much of it, so it would be easy to give up.

{three} would you rather TV or the internet for a year? 
I would have to the TV. At least with the internet, I would catch some TV shows online.

Okay, let's hear your answers!


  1. I agree, Pinterest.
    Booze - like you I rarely drink and probably already go a month without drinking as it is!
    TV, I agree with you again!

  2. Facebook, booze, internet. Haha, I'm a TV addict, I can go without internet!

  3. Ok, so...
    1. Pinterest because I've never been on it. And then if you made me choose between Twitter and FB, it would be Twitter. But then again, I'm rarely on FB so if I could get some money by giving up all 3...I totally would.

    2. Sex. hahaha. Not because I don't like it! But because it's much easier to occupy my time with busy work than it is to go out to all my social engagements and NOT drink. Tho, I should pick drinking because that's less calories and sex burns calories. I'm thinking about this too much, aren't I?

    3. Totally TV. There's always shows online, Netflix, and my home movie pantomimes.

    Did I just say that out loud?

  4. I would give up twitter cause I don't' twitter. And I would give up FB before Pinterest! I love it.
    But I agree with the other two. :)

  5. 1. Facebook
    2. Booze. Now that M is here, there's no way I could give sex up. NO way!
    3. TV. I could live without it.

  6. Probably Twitter...even though it is easier than Facebook and I rarely say anything on Facebook...but so many more people are on Facebook. And there is no way I could go without Pinterest now:)

    Definitely booze!

    I'd go with the tv too...especially with Hulu and Netflix (and as long as I can still have my HBO account so I can log on and see the new eps of True Blood:)

  7. It's a tie between Facebook and Pinterest... I'm not really THAT into Pinterest but I'm using it a lot lately for wedding planning. After the wedding, Pinterest for sure!

    Booze! Is it terrible that was a tough one for me? HA! I love my wine ;)

    And definitely TV. I use the internet constantly. I know for a fact Eric's would be the opposite though as he's using the TV constantly (usually while I'm beside him on the internet haha)

  8. 1. I'm not on pinterest so I can't technically give that up, so I would say twitter. I liked twitter almost better than I like facebook, but sometimes people make huge life announcements on facebook (like the fact that they are pregnant, that is how i found out a close friend was expecting...) so I would want to stay on facebook so I wouldn't miss anything crucial like that...

    2. Well, I am not having any sex currently being single and all.

    3. Definitely tv. I rarely watch it as is!

  9. Oooh good ones!

    1. I'd give up Facebook. Hubs would starve if it weren't for Pinterest and Twitter is just way too much fun!

    2. I love me so adult beverages, but I would give that up over sex any day!

    3. I'd give up TV since part of my job is to be on the internet all day! :)

  10. Pinterest, Booze (gave it up for 9 months which wasn't too hard!) and TV.



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