Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Race report: Rogers Insurance Run for L'Arche

Before I get into my race report, I just wanted to let you know that my post is up in the Canadian bloggers series. If you would love to learn more about Canada, you can find the post here.


This past Saturday was my first race of 2012 and it was a 5 mile race. It is not a common distance for races in Canada and they gave you a medal, so I of course jumped at the chance to register! 

I picked up my race package on the Friday night, which included the typical technical shirt, race bib, a magazine and few other random things. The race packages are definitely lack luster compared to those in the States!  The nice thing about this race was that it started at 10am for the half marathon and 10:15am for the 5 mile. That gave me a chance to sleep in, eat breakfast and make my way downtown for the race. 

Going into this race, I wasn't sure how it was going to go as I haven't been training as much as I should have been. That being said, I went into it wanting to have a fun run and see what I could do.  The course was an out and back, which was fun to see the leaders way ahead of me before I even hit the turn out point. As the race was limited to 150 people for the 5 mile, most of the time I ran alone and barely had anyone around me, which was strange at times. 

Here is how it broke down:

1. 5:26
2. 5:14
3. 5:17
4. 5:18
5. 5:14
6. 5:23
7. 5:26
8. 5:30

Final time: 42:55
4/72 for women
20/132 overall  

Overall, this was a great race! They had so many volunteers, who were all fantastic and so many people at the finish line cheering you on. They had a huge selection of food including eggs, sausages, pancakes, etc afterwards (I didn't stay for it). It was relatively inexpensive for a race and will definitely be doing it again next year!


  1. what a great time! congrats!! and that race seems fun, i have never been in such a small race and it would certainly be interesting to try it!

  2. Great time Leigh! You didn't stay for pancakes?! haha That is my favorite part of races. I only wish I was kidding here... We need to run a shorter race like this together this "season" :)

  3. Aww, you Canadians you you're cute kilometers that confuse me. LOL Looks like you ran it speedy! And you didn't even mention your place. Come on. You gotta brag about that!

    1. That would be "and your cute kilometers" < --- cannot type

  4. Nice work Leigh - you did so good!! Love the metal!

  5. That is an AWESOME time for a 5-mile race. Sounds like all the crossfit is really helping your running speed!!

  6. Awesome job!! Why didn't you sat for the food?? Sounds so good! I definitely want to do that race next year!!

  7. Nice work, lady! 5 mile races aren't too common here either. Not sure why - seems like a good number of miles!

    Crossfit is definitely helping your running! You are speedy!

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  9. Ooh- that spam by 'public liability insurance' is awesome.

    Congrats on a great race! Always fun to run a new distance, to come in near the top in your AG and to run a "cheap and cheerful" race! Sounds like a fun time. (and yay for 4th!)

  10. Congrats on the race, you did so good for your first time out! I'm very impressed :)

  11. I wish we had more 10K distances in Eugene. There are so many 5ks,which are great because it makes racing/running accessible to more people, but I just like races that are a tad bit longer. Nice work! I love affordable races and no longer care about the swag bags because they often seem like junk no matter what. ;)

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