Thursday, March 22, 2012

A reverse Q & A

Before I get into my post today, just wanted to say a few things.

- After yesterday's post and everyone's comments, I am aware that I have a lot of hair related products. But at least I can admit to it right? :)

- It's snowing here this morning. All I have to say to that is YUCK!
the lovely apartments behind my work building

- And lastly, is it Friday yet?!


I thought today I would do something a little different. I've done the question and answer posts before where I ask you guys to ask me anything (can be found here and here), but today I thought I would switch it up. I am going to ask you guys the questions and I would love to hear your answers.

{one} If you could keep one of your hair or beauty products and could never buy another one, which one would you keep?

{two} If you could meet any blogger, who would you meet?

Let's hear your answers!


  1. You haven't seen a lot of hair product till you've seen the crap in my bathroom. And I only use like, 1/4 of it.

    1. Lipstick.
    2. I want to meet myself because I seem really cool. haha

    Actually, I've met a ton of bloggers already so I'm gonna go with either you (not being funny, I'm serious!) or Melissa at Melissa Runs. Why? Both of you would drink with me. hahaha

  2. 1) Concealer. Pesky under eye circles
    2) Pioneer woman. I would love love love to live on a ranch like she does. It's like our dream life! Complete with 4 babies and everything!

  3. 1) Chapstick. As soon as I don't have any, I NEED it. I can't live without it
    2) Katie from Healthy Diva Eats. I feel like me and her have so much in common.

  4. 1) dry shampoo (which I know you already know...) or chapstick!

    2) too many to choose!! of course i would love to meet pioneer woman or bakerella, but then i would also like to me you and a few other great ladies i have met on here! tough call here...

  5. 1. Mousse for curly hair days. When I wear my hair curly, that is the only product I need. And then I could use the fact that I only own mousse to never actually do my hair. ;)

    2. I feel lucky as I have met many of the bloggers that I REALLY REALLY wanted to meet (including you!). That said, I am excited to meet Anais ( and Kelly ( at Amber's wedding this summer!!

  6. Ick! SNOW! :(

    1) Eyeliner! I have no eyebrows so I need to fill them in at all times. Hahaha.

    2) Too many to choose! Maybe Bakerella? :/

  7. That's a tough one... I really like blush!
    This one is tough many! Like Ashley of life as I know it...Caroline of simply smithswick...

  8. !. Seriously only one?? Foundation.

    2. This is hard- Amber, or Morgan from Caution Red Head Running.



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