Wednesday, March 14, 2012

These are my confessions

I don't know what it is about this week, but I'm definitely not feeling it. I don't know if the time change has just sent me for a loop, but I'm feeling kind of down and out. Nothing is wrong per say, just that kind of mood. So if I am a little absent this week, you know why :)

Okay, I've got a few confessions for this Wednesday.

I confess that...Mr.D and I can't share a tub of tooth paste because I make a complete mess of it and it drives him insane! I don't know what it is, but I can never keep the top of the tube clean.

I confess biggest fear is someone breaking into our house while I'm alone and hurting me. Good thing we have an alarm and a "guard dog" ;)

I confess that... I can't stand when people call pregnant women 'prego' or 'preggers'. Drives me insane!

I confess that... I don't really understand the whole Toms trend. Sure, they might be comfortable but so are my Nike free's and I don't wear those 24/7 or to work.

I confess that...that I am getting money back on my tax return (thank you RRSP contributions!) and really want to spend some of it on new clothes instead of putting it all back into RRSP's.

I confess that...I watched the finale of The Bachelor even though I knew that Courtney was going to win and that it'd be a train wreck. They are so awkward and boring! Loved seeing Ashley and JP on the after the rose.

Tell me: what are your confessions for today?


  1. This post made me laugh. I am in a funk this week too and very tired. I like JP and Ashley too. Ben not so much. I do not think Cruz would guard me in any way... :(

  2. I had a nightmare the other night someone broke in and woke up terrified! Not sure our guard cat would do much past hiss at the intruder.
    I have a pair of TOMS I love but only wear them on weekends and evenings, not to work. I like them since they are easy to slip on and off, and I hate tying shoes.
    I wish I was getting money back! We always pay b/c of Chad's bank perks. I have to put even more into RRSP's every year but never get anything back.

  3. Love this post! I am in a total funk this week too. Might have to steal this. I heard on the radio this morning that people tend to feel "low" in March so maybe that's what it is?

    You should totally spend some of your tax return shopping!

    And have you tried TOMS on? I just find them incredibly comfy, like almost as comfy as my running shoes but I think they look better with jeans than running shoes. That's just my opinion though :)

  4. Lol! I'm guilty of using pregs, not sure I've used Preggo though.

  5. i agree of about the preggo, preggers thing! HATE it!

  6. Love this! My hubs and I CAN NOT share the tube of toothpast either. He has his and I have mine, even different brands! So funny you mentioned it!


  7. YES to the first 2. Except my husband is the messy toothpaste guy. We can't share a bathroom either.

    And the home intruder thing FREAKS ME OUT. I leave my cell phone by my bed in case the phone lines are cut like in scary movies!

  8. I don't really understand TOMS either. I think the concept of them is great, but I think they are a bit too casual for my liking...

    I love your confessions, though. I'll confess this - it sort of annoys me when people who are dating or married talk back and forth to each other on facebook. I just think - couldn't you, I don't know, call or text each other?

  9. The toothpaste being a mess would drive me nuts too, what's the deal girlie!! hehe!

  10. I heard something about toms that they are actually bad for the economy where they send the free shoes. The local shoemakers are not getting any business so the workers and owners are in bad bad shape.

  11. I am guilty of saying preggo!! Mostly I type it though- I never actually say it (I don't think? Have I?) It's so much quicker to type so that's my excuse!!

    Good for you for putting $$ into your RRSP- how about you spend half and put away half?? Then everyone wins!!

    I confess that- I haven't brushed my teeth today. It used to drive me insane to not brush my teeth as soon as I got up but somehow it's become low priority! Never thought that day would come! Should go brush now...

  12. I confess that I heart you.
    I confess that I have an ear infection but am not calling the doctor because I want it to go away on it's own.
    I confess that I'm so ready for this day to be over, but I know that I might not get out of here on time.
    I confess that I'm elated that it's almost Friday!

  13. I also always make a mess with the toothpaste ha!

    I just wrote my Friday Confessions on my blog! Check it out!



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