Thursday, March 1, 2012

Three Things Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone! One more day and it's the freaking weekend :) 

Okay, here's my three random things for this fine Thursday:

{one} A co-worker brought in cinnamon buns with icing that were still warm from the oven this morning. Of course it screamed my name and said eat me, eat me! So I listened. So worth it.

{two} I won a giveaway for a 1BandID from Steve in a Speedo?!'s blog. I don't have very good luck with winning stuff, so I am excited that I won. Thanks Steve! And if you don't read his blog, you better go now. He's hilarious.

{three} We are having a baby shower at work for a co-worker today, which means even more treats. One day won't hurt me right? I also made a pinterest inspired craft for the shower, so I'll have to do another 'I pinned it, so I did it' post.

And because no post is complete without a picture, here's a random picture of Harley as a puppy. 

Tell me: what are your random three things today?


  1. Lucky you with all the treats!

    Harley is SO CUTE! Love his blue blue eyes.

  2. mmm, I am hungry for an ooooey gooooey cinnamon roll right now! PS-Harley = cuteness. Gah, I love puppies!

  3. Mmmm cinnamon buns! Sounds like you had a good treat filled day! Yay for winning a giveaway!!

  4. Harley has such pretty eyes!!

    Some else had recommended that guy's blog to me - so I have now added it to my reader. And he's a local guy!!

  5. She was the sweetest puppy!! Love this picture :)



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