Monday, March 12, 2012

{weekend recap}

This weekend was fabulous! Between some good workouts, time spent with friends and the gorgeous weather, I am sad to see this weekend go. 

I've decided to recap my weekend in pictures this week. The only thing I didn't take pictures of is our dinner date with Alison, Justin & Cruz. Whenever we get together, we never take pictures...really need to fix that!

1. Finally cleaned out our pantry. It was getting pretty messy in there, so it feels good to have it in order again.

2. My poor hands after Saturday's workout at CrossFit! That was all from my toes to bar attempts

3. Painted my toe nails finally on Friday night. Plus bare feet on our deck in March is pretty fabulous!

1. Pretty flowers that Mr. D surprised me with. Love that man!

2. Harley loves the bathtub in that he likes to lick the water from the tap. Such a silly dog!

3. My hand on Sunday. Still a little red and painful!

Tell me: how was your weekend? What were you up to?


  1. Love the nail polish color! A bare deck?! We still have lots of snow, but our deck was bare a few weeks ago.
    I am so not ready for it to be Monday - back to work today :( haha. Now it is count down till summer holidays!

  2. I need to clean out my pantry...

    Harley is adorable.

    My weekend involved a lot of outdoor time. The weather has been amazing!

  3. I know, we just said we needed to take photos and didn't! grr!! Pantry looks great!

  4. Ouch, that looks painful. Your poor hands. Hope they heal fast and that you don't blister again like that! Youch. That is awesome that Mr. D got you flowers out of the blue - those are the best kind of flowers :)

    Your pantry looks great! Mine is looking more organized these days, mostly because I've been chipping away at the food I had in there, so it looks empty/organized. ;)

  5. Owww your hand looks so sore! You need gloves or something!!

    Love the blue toes! My pedicure from Valentines Day is still holding up- which is good since it's the last thing i have time for! I was pretty bummed that I couldn't enjoy the nice weather on Saturday but glad you were!

  6. Ouch. Your hands look painful! Mine get like that because I forget to take my rings off.

  7. I love those flowers. I'm not sure why, but green and white flowers always make me happy :)

    Are you using Diptic for the pictures or do you have something fancy like photoshop?



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