Monday, April 23, 2012

{weekend recap}

One word to summarize this weekend is BEAUTIFUL! The weather was beyond fabulous and it's apparently going to stay around for a few days. I wouldn't mind if it stayed like this until September! :)

{friday} After work, Mr.D and I took Harley for a walk down in the ravine/coulee by our house. He is able to run free down there through the bushes and streams....he loves it! After our walk, we made a quick trip to Best Buy in search of a new lap top for myself. I have had my old lap top since university, so at least 6 years now. It was slowly dying as the screen would flicker on and off if you didn't have it at a certain angle. Best Buy had some great deals going on....we found a Toshiba on sale PLUS $100 off if you brought in an old desktop or laptop, which we did. Currently writing this post from the new lap top :)

{saturday} Mr.D and I went to a great CrossFit class in the morning, which included running and tire flipping in the workout. After CrossFit, we took Harley up to the park to throw the ball around and then ran errands for the afternoon. The rest of the day included another walk for Harley, a BBQ dinner and a movie night on the couch.

First corn on the cob of the year!

{sunday} I left for my run around 9am and it was a smart choice as by the end of my 14km run (which was a fantastic run!), I was sweating a lot. After my run, I quickly showered and grabbed Harley and we were off to Alison & Justin's for a walk with Alison and Cruz. The dogs loved running in the ravine while we enjoyed the sun and chatting. While we were walking the dogs, the husband's were off riding their bikes. Best part of the day? The boys wearing the exact same biking jersey and Alison and I dressing in the same colours. Great minds think a like! After our walk and the bike ride, we headed home for some yard work and dinner on the deck. Such a gorgeous day! 

Tell me: how was your weekend? Was the weather fabulous for you as well?


  1. LOVED the weather this weekend! Chad even got sun burnt!
    Yay for a new laptop!!

  2. Agreed! Love the weather. SO funny about our outfits and the guys jersey. I am certain they planned theirs, ha. Cruz sure was tired last night, thanks Harley! :)

  3. Sounds like a great weekend!!! Soo happy you guys are finally getting nice weather!

  4. our weather sucks - currently here in Ottawa, it is snowing...seriously - april 23rd - blech
    My weekends are jam packed with wedding things - my cousins is in 3 weeks and my sisters in a month and a half so this past weekend, we attended a shower for my sister!

  5. We loved the weather this weekend and we all spent a ton of time outside too! Sounds like you guys had a good one!

  6. That sounds like a great weekend with lots of outside time!! Those are my favourite kind of weekends.

    I spent the weekend traveling so didn't get to enjoy the nice weather but it was a really beautiful weekend and today it's supposed to be 26!

  7. Yeay on the new laptop! Glad you had such nice weather. It was beautiful here too, and Homie loved all the outside time! :)

  8. Sounds like an awesome weekend. I am glad you got a chance to enjoy the beautiful weather. That corn looks delicious (as does the burger!).

    The weather was not nice here this weekend. It was cool and rainy, but it's kind of better when it's like that as I am cooped up all day studying so I don't feel like i am missing anything. ;)

  9. I loved the weather this weekend! The best part is that I could continue enjoying the weather today! It was a bit windy though.

    Yay for a new laptop! Makes blogging even more fun doesn't it!?

    Let me know next time you have a "bring a friend to Crossfit" day as I would love to try it! We will have to go for a run sometime soon too- when you need a recover day!

    Mmmm corn on the cobb!!



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