Friday, May 25, 2012

{happy friday}

Happy Friday everyone! For a short week, it sure felt really long! I think the constant downpour of rain didn't help either. 

another awesome shot thanks to Whitney

This weekend, we are:

  • picking my mom up from the airport later tonight! So excited.
  • going to pick up my bib tomorrow afternoon
  • going out for a carb loading lunch/dinner after the race expo
  • HALF MARATHON on Sunday morning! Fingers crossed for good weather
  • pedicures with my mom on Monday possibly in Canmore
So excited to spend some time with my mom! Mr.D's mom might actually come down on Saturday to Sunday as well, which is fun. I am excited for it, but not sure if Mr.D knows what he's in for, haha.

Tell me: what do you have planned for your weekend? I hope you have a great weekend either way!


  1. What a great list! ENJOY your Mom(s)! I'm excited to hear how your ace goes. Text me. I love that shot. I love the one of your on the fence and Mr. Dis making a silly face! Love. Post it!!

  2. have a great weekend and GOOD LUCK!!

    ...and the post-race pedicure is a MOST. It will feel so good.

  3. You will ROCK that race and the weather will be good for you! Have lots of fun with your Mom! And a pedi post race is a necessity :) Keep us posted on Sunday :)

  4. Leigh, I hope you have a great weekend and a super-great half marathon. Can't wait to read all about it next week!


  5. GOOD LUCK! You're going to rock the half, I just know it! And have a wonderful time with your Mom. :)

  6. That sounds like a fun weekend! It's so great that your mom (and maybe his) will be there to see you run your half! Good luck and have a great time!

  7. Have fun! So great your mom will be there for your race. I know you're going to kill it!!

  8. GOod luck this weekend! You are going to do so well. I predict a huge PR for you!!

    Have so much fun with your mom. I get to see my parents that evening after the CFA and I can't wait! I'll spend this weekend studying, which I am ok with because it's the LAST weekend! Hooray!

  9. Good luck! Hopefully I will be able to see you this year!! It's going to be nuts down there I'm sure!!

  10. Good luck Sunday! I'll look for you on the course!

  11. have a great weekend with your momma!

  12. Good luck Leigh! I'm sure you'll rock it.



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