Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Race report: Centaur Subaru Half Marathon

My fourth half marathon has come and gone, and it went by so quickly! I remember during the race thinking about how fast those ten weeks went and how fast the race was going.  Craziness.

Before the race

The race started at 7am, so we were up bright and early at 5am. That was enough time to get dressed, eat, feed the dog and make the drive downtown. We ended up parking downtown further away from the start and taking the C-train to the start, which worked out really well. It was a chilly morning out, so I was glad I wore a sweatshirt and sweat pants. I didn't have to use the bag drop as Mr.D and my mom's were with me. 

My mom, myself and Mr.D
The race

The marathon and half marathon both started at 7am. At about 6:50am, I went into the starting area to line up, and it slowly but surely started to get very crowded. It was like everyone HAD to be at the front of the line and right that second. I had to remind myself to let the others do their own thing and that we had chips for a reason. 

The course was brand new for this year, so I wasn't super sure what to expect. Parts of it were the same as last year, but there were way more twists and turns this year. I had forgotten that my Garmin was running out of  lap database room, so the whole race I was never able to see my times for each kilometer, which was a good and bad thing. At the race expo, I had picked up a 1:55 pace band so I was using that and my Garmin to keep me on track. The first 9km's of the race, I was running a 5:08/km pace, which was MUCH faster than I had trained and was a major mistake for going out that fast. Mr.D, my mom and my MIL ended up waiting on the side of the course between kilometer 8 and 9, which was a huge boost for me to see them unexpectedly. Shortly after that, my legs were slowly dying and my stomach was starting to act up. 

For the rest of the race, I motivated myself to get to the turn around then 10th street then Edmonton Trail and so on. Anything to get my mind off the fact that my stomach was acting up and my hips and knees were starting to hurt. I don't know why, but the second half of the race was super tough mentally for me. I ended up taking more walking breaks through the water stations then I had planned, but it helped me reach the finish line.

The best part of the race? The finish line was in the Stampede grounds and you finished right in front of the grandstands. So many people there cheering you on and so awesome energy! My final chip time was 1:55:02......so damn close to my goal of sub 1:55!!!! Even though I didn't technically make my goal, I am happy to have run a new PR.... I took over 3 minutes off my time from last year and over two minutes off from the Victoria half marathon. 

After the race

The only negative thing that I can think of about this race was that the finish line and food area was SO CROWDED! So many people were hanging out in the finishing shoot after receiving their medal, that things were starting to get really backed up. Mr.D said that before I came in, people had to stop before the finish line because it was that backed up. I ended up waiting at the very end of the finishing area to find Mr.D and my mom's and then went inside to grab some food. It was way too crazy for me, so we headed out and didn't grab any pancakes. 

Minus the crowds at the beginning, the first few km's and the end of the race, it was a great race! Still wishing I could have fun faster for three seconds, but hey a PR, is a PR right?! Congratulations to everyone who ran the race as well!


  1. Congrats! That is awesome. I love finishing races, such a rush for me when everyone is there cheering.
    We must run a race together!! I miss it so much.

  2. Congratulations on the PR Leigh. I know those 3 seconds will haunt you but they are really and truly insignificant in the grand scheme.

    Hope you're recovering well!

  3. Congrats Leigh - that is great. 3 seconds is nothing, the PR is the thing to concentrate on! :)

  4. I'M SO PROUD OF YOU! Congrats, you rocked it! Glad you had a good race :)

  5. Congrats on the PR! You'll get that sub-1:55 next time! The end of this race sounds really cool. Too bad it was so backed up!

  6. Rick & JayneMay 29, 2012 1:41 PM

    Great work on the half Leigh! You keep taking two to three minutes off per race and you'll be running in the low 1:40's before you know it!

  7. Congrats! You did an awesome job and were SO close to sub-1:55. You'll get that goal - I am sure of it!

  8. I'm gonna have to say a 1:55:02 is still a sub 1:55. You're 3 seconds off, which is definitely timer error on their part. :-) Congrats on the time with the bad tummy and going out too fast! You're a speedy one.

  9. Great job! I call that a win! I think that next time, you will easily shave off another few minutes and be able to totally blow that goal out of the water!

  10. Congrats! That is an awesome time! :)

  11. congrats on your 4th half marathon! that is a terrific time

  12. Congratulations on your PR! Screw the 3 seconds- you did amazing!!

    I love those baggy sweatpants!! Makes you look 12!! (Sorry!!!)

    Why did you decide to drive down? I would have thought it would be way easier to take the train from Crowfoot?

    That sucks that your stomach was giving you problems. Hope your legs are feeling better. Ice bath?

    Also hope you had a great visit with your mom! That must have been so great to have her there to watch you race!

  13. Congrats!! : )



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