Wednesday, May 2, 2012

These are my confessions {V6}

Another Wednesday, another round of confessions! Who is going to play along and confess something with me today?! I am thinking that I will make a button this weekend and if you want to play along, you can grab it next week. 

Here are my previous confessions:

Too many hair products
Shaving my big toes
Must make the bed
Random chin hair

Zero patience

I confess....that I have a very small number of close friends and I am okay with that. Sometimes when I see other girls/women with lots of girlfriends, I think to myself how come I don't have more? But then I realize that I would rather a small number of close friends who know me well and would be there for me in a second. The funny thing about some of my closest friends is that they are either living in other provinces or those I met through this little blog of mine. 

My cousin and one of my closest friends
Tell me: do you have lots of friends or just a small number of friends?


  1. YAY to blog friends! :) Not sure how we found each others blog but I am sure happy we did! :) Excited for your cousin to come visit you! :) And I think small groups of GREAT friends is important.

  2. I have a close group of girls from high school (6 of us total) that I still keep in touch with, some more than others but we are all still friends.
    Then I have friends I've met though work the last 5 years, another 5-6 girls which I am really close with.
    Next I have the wives and girlfriends of Chad's friends, some I am closer with than others but I would say 2-3 are good friends of mine.

  3. I have one best friend who is the only person in the world I would do anything for and would do anything for me. I have lots of other friends that I'm not super close with, but only one that matters!

  4. I have about 2-3 REALLY close girlfriends who I talk to daily and tell everything to these are the girls in my bridal party, another larger group of maybe 10-15ish friends who I talk to on a fairly regular basis and spend time with when I can, these are friends I invited to the wedding and then finally I have one more circle of kind of acquaintance/friends. We can hang out and we talk about things, but more superficial day-to-day stuff. I only have about maybe 5-10 girlfriends that live in my city and only one CLOSE girlfriend here. The rest are long-distance friends, many who I met through my blog too!

  5. I only have a handful of super close friends. I prefer it that way. We are like a family. We all live far apart, but when we see each other it is like nothing has changed. I love that!!!

  6. I don't have a tonne of good friends either. I don't think I have the ability to "give" much more than that when it comes to close relationships. So I guess I'm ok with that :)

  7. I am similar to Amber. I have a really close, smaller group of groups (some of which know each, some that don't). And then I have a larger group of friends that I don't keep in touch with all that often, but I still consider them close friends. I was in a sorority in college, so I think that is part of the reason I have a bigger group of girlfriends. I have basically no guy friends anymore, though, and I used to have a decent number of those!

    One thing I love about blogging is that it's put me in touch with great people (like you) that I wouldn't have met otherwise!

  8. I have a lot of friends but only a few close ones. I sorta agree with you- it can be hard to keep up with everyone! I have also noticed that my friends have shifted over the years depending on what I'm involved in.

  9. Same thing here! Sometimes it depresses me, but luckily, I live with my best friend so that helps. But there are times I just want to hang out with one of my best friends and unfortunately, they all live hours away. Gah. Such is life. It definitely helps though to have so many great connections via blogging and social media.

  10. I am the same! I have a couple really close girlfriends who unfortunately I am not always living near, and then I have several friends who I sometimes hang out with but I don't tell them everything. I don't mind. I am pretty private anyway, so it is probably because of me and my need for privacy that I don't have a bunch of people who I tell everything to.



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