Wednesday, May 16, 2012

These are my confessions {V8}

Happy Wednesday everyone! My fingers are crossed that when I come home tonight that Harley hasn't left me another lovely present. Let's just say he left me a very gross present yesterday and would rather not have it again!

You can see my previous confessions here:

Too many hair products
Shaving my big toes
Must make the bed
Random chin hair 

Zero patience 

Small number of friends

No undies

I confess....that I used to have the biggest crush on Sean Patrick Thomas. You know this guy:

 from Save The Last Dance. After seeing the movie, I wanted to be Julia Stiles so badly! I don't even know why I had the biggest crush on him, but I sure did! Mr.D still makes fun of me for it.

Tell me: did you ever have any random yet funny crushes when you were younger?


  1. Well he sure can dance!! I loved JTT and Justin bugs me about it too.. :)
    Poor Harley (and you) hope he is better today!

  2. I used to have a crush on Joey from New Kids on the Block. I'm talking poster all over my room, t-shirts...the whole thing. So funny! I hope Harley is better today!

  3. Well he is cute !! And, well I still have a HUGE crush on John Stamos ! Haha, he's hott I can't help it !

  4. Most of my crushes were pretty in line with everyone else's. Except I will admit that I was borderline obsessed with Leo :) His days on Growing Pains...swoon.

  5. My biggest crush was on Doogie Howers - so Neil Patrick Harris. And then as an adult I come to find out he's gay. I think my crush was mostly on his nerdiness, though!

  6. thats still my favorite movie hehe

  7. Ha! Whenever I read the name Derek, I think of the way his sister says it in that movie.



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