Wednesday, May 23, 2012

These are my confessions {V9}

Happy Wednesday everyone! Best part of having a long weekend besides the extra day off? Going back to work and the week being half way through :)

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Silly crushes

I confess....that I have recently started using a child's toothbrush instead of an adult one. Haha I realize how lame that sounds, but I promise I have a fair reason why I started! The last time that I was at the dentist, the hygienist suggested it as I have a small mouth and have troubles reaching my back molars with an adult sized toothbrush.  It just looks really funny because it's so much smaller than an adult one. 

Tell me: do you use anything child sized instead of adult?


  1. My dentist suggested a smaller toothbrush to me too for the back molars but then I feel like I'm brushing FOREVER with that little thing and I can't get as much toothpaste on it and well, it's just a big mess. Thank you so much for reading my first world problem. :-)
    Fabian thinks my socks are child-sized. They are not, but he and my best friend make fun of how small they are when they come out of the wash.

  2. ha ha Justin does too! He also has a super small mouth and sensitive. :)

  3. That's awesome. I kind of wish it had Dora or Disney something on it though...

  4. I always look for the smallest toothbrush head possible...but I so far haven't resorted to a kid-sized brush. I feel like the handle would be too short...

    I have a kid-sized toque though. I have a small head.

  5. I use a child sized toothbruth too! My current one looks like a duck lol.

  6. LOL. Omg your confessions crack me up. Too funny!

  7. i use child sized rubber bands for my bangs at night. Does that count?

  8. Hey, its completely understandable! There are many times when I'll order off the kids menu because the portions sizes are much better for me. And then there are shoes...I always have issues finding shoes cause my feet are so small. I am able to buy kicks/sandles/shoes in the kids department...sometimes they aren't as sophisticated, but they re cheaper:)

  9. That totally makes sense! I can not think of anything I use that is child sized! Maybe I should try a child sized toothbrush though as I do have trouble reaching the back of my back teeth!

  10. OMG this is hilarious!! Makes sense I guess but still funny!! It's probably cheaper than an adult tooth brush though!

  11. I like your confessions! I do not use a child sized anything, but sometimes I order from the kids menu. It is usually almost as much food (or better portions anyway) and is half the price!



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