Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Training Tuesday

Another week down and only three long runs left! That is crazy to me. 

Last week wasn't my greatest week in terms of getting my runs in and going to CrossFit. We had a lot of things going on each night after work, so it cut into my normal schedule. But it meant spending time with friends that we don't get to see often, so it was worth it.

Monday: 6km walk with Harley

Tuesday: 3.2km walk with Harley and did a CrossFit style workout at home

5 rounds of:
400m run
5 sit ups
10 pushups
15 squats

Wednesday: ab workout and Nike training shoulders workout

Thursday: 10 minutes of P90X and 25 minutes of Jillian Michael's no more trouble zones

Friday: 5.4km run with Harley

Saturday: 5km walk with Harley, ab workout and a CrossFit class

1  round for time:

50 back squats
40 pull ups
30 shoulder to overhead
50 front squats
40 pull ups
30 shoulder to overhead
50 overhead squats
40 pull ups
30 shoulder to overhead

This was one of the workouts from the CrossFit regionals and it was tough! Just when you think you are done, there is 50 more squats!

Sunday: 10km run 

Tell me: how did your training go this week? Did you do any fun workouts?


  1. That WOD does sound tough! Justin just got me a bunch of Bob Harper workouts so I am going to try those this month and run now that the weather is better!! 3 weeks!! :)

  2. Last week was crazy busy for us too! I only got to the gym Sun, Mon and Fri and swam Tues night. And then I was sick too which did not help! Hoping its a better workout week this week :)

  3. Looks like you got a lot of workouts in judging by your week on dailymile!

    Last week was good for me, I tried to take it pretty easy with taper and this week I'm taking it SUPER easy!

  4. Still lookin' good! I guess I'm going to have to start doing Training Tuesday once I start training for my marathon. Eeek! I'm crazy.

  5. You still had a strong week, despite being busy with social plans. It's tough to balance a social life + working out sometimes!

    My week was good. I did a tempo run workout with my run club last Monday which was pretty tough for me. And then a run no my own and a long run of 10 miles on Sat. So 22 miles. Which is decent!

  6. Go girl go, taking on CrossFit, running, and P90X. Bam!!!!



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