Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Training Tuesday

Is it bad that I have to go look at my daily mile each week to remember what I did the previous week? I can remember basically what days that I ran and what days that I went to CrossFit, but that's about it. Oh well, another week down and another week closer my half marathon!

Monday: 5km walk with Harley, Nike training ab and cardio workout. If you don't have the Nike training app for the iphone, download it now!

Tuesday:  4km walk with Harley and run. The run was:

1 mile warm up
8 x 400m {started at 2:06 and worked down to 1:51/400m}
.5 mile cool down

 I, for some odd reason really enjoy the 400m workouts!

Wednesday:  CrossFit workout


24" box jumps
SDLHP at 45lbs 

Loved the box jumps, but not so much the SDLHP

Thursday: 5km run with Harley. Legs were dead tired this day!

Friday: rest

Saturday: 7km walk with Harley and tabata style CrossFit workout

20 seconds, 10 seconds off for 8 rounds

push ups
kettle bell swings
knees to elbows
push press

Sunday: 3.8km walk with Harley and 16km run in 1:28 with an average pace of 5:30/km. Overall, this run felt pretty good. My pace has definitely improved since my last training cycle and I don't feel like I am dying at the end of it either. 

I know that I get plenty of runs and workouts in each week, but I feel guilty not working out each day. Is it just me or does anyone else feel guilty?


  1. I always feel guilty on rest days...don't know why, I work hard the other days!

  2. I know the feeling... For me it is because I sit all day long at a desk and think to myself I need to move my butt for at least 30 minutes, instead of sitting on the couch after work. But I am learning that I do need rest days and am taking at least 2 a week now. Also, I am doing more active things versus working out, walks, golfing, and tonight we are starting to play tennis! I also hope to hike this summer.

  3. NTC is the BEST ap! I used it just last night!

  4. I wish I had an Iphone for these cool apps!

  5. Awesome WOD!! Although I'd trade SDLHP for Box Jumps any day - you do my box jumps and I'll do the high pulls :)

    I wanted to let you know that I awarded you with the Liebster Blog Award today! Stop by today's post on my blog (May 8) to see your award and congrats!!! :)

  6. Yessss. I totally feel guilty! Except this week. This week I am resting every day and not feeling guilty AT ALL!

  7. I just had to google 20km to see how many miles it is, haha silly Canadians :)

  8. I think I am one of the few people who doesn't feel guilty taking rest days! I take 2 each week, and I feel like they make me a better runner!

    You had another great week!

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  10. I automatically think in miles, so when I saw your chart, I was thinking that you did a lot of miles for a person training for a half! Then I realized it was KMs. It's still a lot but I just couldn't figure out why you were running 20 miles on a half marathon training plan. Anyway, nice week of training! (or as DM would say, "stellar"!) PS - my boyfriend uses the Nike+ and loves it!



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