Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Calgary & area blogger meet up {details}

It's been a while since my original post {see here} about organizing a Calgary and area blogger meet up and I apologize for dropping the ball big time on this. That being said, I need everyone's input about dates and locations.

First, the date. I thought it would easiest if I threw out some dates and then everyone who is interested can leave a comment with what dates work for themselves. Once everyone has commented, I will go with the date that the majority of people are available.

Possible dates

Friday June 22, 2012
Saturday June 23, 2012
Thursday June 28, 2012
Friday June 29, 2012
Saturday June 30, 2012
Thursday July 5, 2012
Friday July 6, 2012
Saturday July 7, 2012
Thursday July 12, 2012
Friday July 13, 2012
Saturday July 14, 2012
Thursday July 19, 2012
Friday July 20, 2012
Saturday July 21, 2012
Thursday July 26, 2012
Friday July 27, 2012
Saturday July 28, 2012

Second, the location. Depending on the number of people that can make it, we could find a restaurant that could us and do a dinner. Or I would offer up my house and we could do a pot luck/BBQ. Let me know your preference :)

Looking forward to getting everyone together!


  1. Here are the dates I could not do: June 22, 23, 29, July 6, 20, 21 27, 28.
    As for venue I am up for whatever! If it is a week night I am sure I could get off work a bit early to make the drive too :)
    Thanks for organizing this!

  2. I am up for whatever for a venue as well!
    Dates that I couldn't do are: June 28/29/30 and July 19-28.
    It would be great to meet everyone!

  3. As for dates - I have 2 weeks of holidays in there - so I will just let you pick whatever works for everyone else and if I am in town I will come, if not, then next time.
    But as for location - I would strongly recommend doing a potluck BBQ - once you go to a restaurant - it is hard for everyone to connect except with the few people sitting beside or across from them.
    Being in a house / backyard is much better for mingling.

  4. I can do June 22 or 28, July 5,, 12, 19, 26.
    Restaurants are hard cause then you only can talk to the people around you.
    I'm excited! Hopefully we can figure out a date soon!

  5. I'm interested! I'm pretty flexible, aside from the last week of July, when I can't do it. I have a preference for weekends, but can probably make a weeknight if I have to.

  6. I can't do June 22, 23, 30, July 7, 21 or 28.

    If it's a Thursday or Friday I would have to see if I can leave work early. Hopefully Lindsey and I can carpool!

    As for venue, anything is good with me! Depending on how many people are attending you could see if a restaurant has a separate room for larger parties that we could have, which would make socializing a bit easier. A lot of places can do that. Personally I love trying new restaurants but I'm totally happy doing a potluck BBQ as well!

  7. I won't be able to come to this but I wanted to throw in my $0.02 on the location - so nice of you to offer up your house for a potluck/bbq and I highly recommend! When we did a big blogger dinner in Vancouver a couple years ago (and there were only 10ish of us) it was really hard to connect with everyone at the table in a restaurant. Something where you can mingle would be really fun!

  8. What a great idea! The 22, 28-30 and thd 7th wouldn't work for me.

  9. I can do July 5, 6, 12, 19, 20, 21, 26, 27. I'm good with anything for location but I agree with Amber- having it at someone's house is easier than a restaurant because you can move around more to talk to people.

  10. I am going to be out of town from July 5th to the 9th, but other than that I'm completely open! I am up for any location :).

  11. Oh, Oh! I want in on this!! I had no idea there were so many Calgary bloggers!



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