Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Race report: Footstock half marathon

The expo

As I mentioned yesterday, I went to the expo on Friday night to pick up my race package. I got there around 6pm and there were no line ups at all. It might have helped that this was a small race (about 180 people for the half marathon). The race package included: the race number, a t-shirt and a wrap thing that you can wear multiple ways.

Before the race

I arrived at the race start around 7am for a 8am race start. The only reason that I arrived so early was because I was worried about parking, but getting there early meant lots of options! After parking, I made a trip to the bathroom and then hung out in my car until about 20 minutes before the race start (Mr.D was out of town and I didn't know anyone running the race). It was raining that morning, so luckily I was able to hang out inside the sports complex until the race start. About 5 minutes before the start, we started to line up, O Canada was sung and it was go time!

The race

If anyone comes across my race recap and is thinking about running this half, be prepared for hills and gravel! The first kilometer took us onto some grass, paved pathways and then shortly onto the red shale. The following five kilometers had us running on the pathways and dodging LOTS of puddles due to the rain the night before and during the race. 

Around kilometer six, we turned a corner and THE hill came into view. If you have done hill training it might not be terrible for you, but because I haven't this hill was killer. The hill is over a kilometer and then it's onto the road for a short section and then onto a gravel country road for two kilometers out and back. Those were the absolute worst kilometers for me due to the rain and wind in your face. Not to mention the fact that the gravel roads were so wet from all of the rain we had been getting. 

My dirty, dirty legs
And dirty shoes
At the turn around, there were two more kilometers on the gravel roads and then it was time to go flying back down the big hill! That was the best part of the race :) The rest of the race was going back on the pathways that we ran out on and more dodging of puddles.
You can see the BIG puddles near the finish line
Rounding the last corner and crossing the finish line never felt so good! My final time was 2:01...definitely not my best race, but it's another half marathon under my belt. {sorry Paula for not posting my results on twitter, haha}
The fun medal
Overall thoughts of the race

- I didn't mention this earlier, but the aid stations were the best that I've ever had! You could hear them cheering way before you ever saw them. And a big kudous to them for standing in the rain the whole time!
- a fun race if you are looking for a smaller race
- an awesome pancake breakfast after the race
- a nice run outside of the big city 
- worst parts: the big hill, gravel and the rain that came this year
- a fun medal makes it all worth it though right?!


  1. Oh my goodness that looks wet and muddy! Good for you though Leigh, not the best conditions and still a great time! Nice work. :) The wrap sounds interesting!!

  2. So proud of you! Glad that this was a great race, even though it wasn't your best! I am still thinking about running the course of the first half I ever ran again this year, even though I'm running my first marathon. Great job!

  3. Great job!!! Running in the rain doesn't sound like much fun, nor does dodging puddles!! I'm glad you got through it!!

  4. Great job! I actually kinda enjoy running in the rain, weird I know, but we did a couple 18-20km runs last summer in the rain and they were some of our best!

  5. sounds like almost a trail half!! good for you!! and 2:01 with rain, wind, pubbles, and gravel?! get it girl!!

  6. Gravel is killer! There is a half-marathon here in April every year and it's an out-and-back route with about 4 km on gravel before the turnaround point - SO HARD to run on that after running on pavement most of the race!

    But you did it! Yay! And that medal is really cool! Good job!

  7. sweet job on a tough course and bad weather race!! Still a great finishing time. Love the medal! You got some good race photos too.

  8. Windy rain is no fun at all. But you got it done! Way to go!!

  9. You are the most amazing daughter - you get a medal from me just for being you!
    What a great run! What a geat daughter! Mud and all you finished what you started.

  10. I think you should definitely feel good about your time - especially when you make a difficulty adjustment for the weather, hill, and terrain! That sounds intense - way to go!

  11. Jayne and RickJune 13, 2012 8:18 AM

    Sounds like it was brutal conditions,Leigh. You deserve top marks for even finishing it especially because it was only a few weeks after you completed the other one!! We hope you plan to give your body a bit of a rest now!! It and you need it :)))

  12. Finally getting a chance to catch up on your blog! Sounds like a rough run but still fun. And good thing you had that hat on. Your legs look like you did Warrior Dash! haha Congrats on finishing! This one will just make the next on that much easier.



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