Wednesday, June 6, 2012

These are my confessions {V11}

Happy Wednesday everyone! It's been quiet at work this week and will be for the rest of the week. Sometimes that's fine, but it is making this week feel so long :(

You can find my other confessions here:

Too many hair products
Shaving my big toes
Must make the bed
Random chin hair 

Zero patience 

Small number of friends 

No undies 
Silly crushes
Children's toothbrush
Picky eater

I confess....I grew up in a small country town where there was no stop lights and I went to school with Mennonites yet I hate country music. So not typical of a small town girl! If this is going to be a true confession, I must confess that there are two country songs that I do like. They are:

I don't know why these are the only two country songs that I like, but they are. 

Tell me: do you like country music? Or is there another type of music you don't like?


  1. LOVE Dirt Road Anthem. :) My fav. You should listen to Sprinsteen by Eric Church, I think you may like it. :) No stop lights, wow. :)

  2. Interesting that you went to a Mennonite school. I hope you write more about that some time. I like country music, even if I'm from the Philippines:) I don't like hip hop but my daughter loves it.

  3. I love country music! Tim McGraw is my favorite. The Band Perry opened for him at the last concert I went to. They are pretty awesome!

  4. I LOVE country music and most of our wedding will be country! I find it really fun to listen to, sing along to and DANCE to!

  5. love these two songs! going to a country concert this weekend, but they will probably play more than two country songs, so you probably wouldn't like it. ;) I grew up in a small town as well ... and we have a chocolate (or red?) lab too! where'd you grow up?

  6. i love country music and i love those picks but i do like to switch it up and listen to all sorts - minus blues, classical and that sorta thing

  7. At least the two songs you like are good ones!! LOL I grew up despiseing country music, because my Dad LOVED it and made us listen to that old twangy garbage, but I like New Country now!! In fact I like it better than Pop sometimes!! I hope your week hurries up!

  8. i hate country music! i know hate is a strong word. but i use it. when it comes to country music. i don't really know what it is? it just rubs me the wrong way. BUT the two songs you have up there? those are two of like only four that i can actually tolerate.

  9. I love country music too! In fact I worked at a country bar for almost 8 years!
    Those are two great songs though!

  10. What? You don't like country music? Well, I guess I can still heart you. My bff doesn't like ANY country music except for 2 Garth Brooks songs, so it's cool :) Happy hump day!

  11. I really like country music, but am picking about the artist/songs.

    What I really don't like is heavy metal or loud rock music! I am more of an acoustic guitar type of girl. :)

  12. I grew up in Calgary and never liked country music. I think for the most part on principle...

    I still don't love country, but some of the pop/country is ok - I definitely like some Dixie Chicks songs...

  13. I grew up in a small town too, with parents that listened to nothing but country and were on the rodeo committee.

    I do have to admit though, while I hate most country I have a soft spot for Garth Brooks. The rest of it I can't stand. How I survived working in a country bar for a year, I have no idea.

  14. I go through phases with country music- i like it enough that i sony cringe if it's playing in a store or during stampede but i don't listen to the country station ver ofte I do like Dixie Chicks, Keith Urban, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, etc.

  15. I actually don't mind country music! It's hiphop and rap I'm really not into.



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