Wednesday, June 27, 2012

These are my confessions {V13}

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Too many hair products
Shaving my big toes
Must make the bed
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Zero patience 

Small number of friends 

No undies 
Silly crushes
Children's toothbrush
Picky eater 

Dislike for country music

First kiss

Here is my confession for the week:

I confess....I used Nair for the first time the other day and was surprised how well it worked! I think I might have tried it maybe ten years ago, but don't really remember the experience. Coming from someone who has waxed and shaven, I was curious to see how it would work. I will say that I was surprised that it tingled, but worked in the six minute time slot. I am curious to see how long it lasts for.

Tell me: have you ever used Nair or any other related product?


  1. Really! I was always sorta scared of it!! Let me know if it's worth it!!

  2. I used it back in high school but the SMELL and the TINGLE were too much for me. Maybe they've improved it since then?

  3. As you know, I use it - though I'm not sure that it tingles. Maybe I'm not as sensitive...

    And the smell has definitely improved over the last few years.

  4. I have not ever used it, but I should try it because I do NOT like shaving. At all. Who does, I guess!

  5. I used it a long time ago...maybe highschool, but I just find the waiting the 6 minute inconvenient, maybe? I am impatient obviously :). I am sure it smells better than it did back then, so maybe I should give it another go!

  6. I tried it once but it just irritated my skin. I have pretty sensitive skin though.



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