Thursday, June 7, 2012

Three Things Thursday

Well hello there Thursday! You are almost as good as Friday....almost, not quite. 

{one} Last night, I went to a CrossFit class with Carly from Rock the dogs who was in town on vacation. It was fun to do the WOD with someone else and it was great meeting you Carly! :)

{two} Has anyone been watching this season of the Real Housewives of Vancouver? It's your typical real housewives style, meaning there is LOTS of drama. But that makes the show better right? I just can't stand Jodie. She is so stuck up and annoying! Plus who wears sun glasses everywhere they go including indoors?!

{three} Did I mention that I am running a half marathon this weekend? Gah, who signed me up for this?! I am thinking I might just have fun in the race and enjoy it. Hopefully the rain stays away!

Tell me: what are your three things today?


  1. Wait... I didn't even know that there was a real housewives of vancouver!! LOL

  2. What?! I had no idea you were running a half this weekend... Where, I want details! haha

  3. Corey Hart started the trend by wearing them at night...and people just haven't stopped.

    My three things:
    1- I get to see my sister today! (and her husband and Zoey...yaay!)
    2- I went for a pre-work run today. Not sure how I managed to get my butt out the door before 6 but I did it!
    3- I also get to drink my favourite selzter this weekend. That's kind of exciting.

  4. PS- good luck with the half!

  5. Ive seen it a couple times, I think either shes hung over and poorly "disguising" a drinking prob, or shes too lazy to do her eye make up!

  6. Good luck with the half!!! No rain! I still need to watch the Vancouver one...must find it. :) What do you mean, you don't where your sunglasses inside? Wierd.

  7. Whoa I didn't know you were running another half so soon! Have fun!!

  8. Whoa, that half marathon came up fast!! I think it's a good plan to just try to enjoy the race and not put pressure on yourself to PR since your other race was so recent!!

    My 3 things:
    1. Not studying is the best feeling ever.
    2. Waiting 7 weeks for results is the most nerve wracking feeling ever.
    3. I get to go out on a weekend night with 5 friends tomorrow night - I am so excited as I haven't gone out with friends on a weekend in SO long!

  9. Ha ha. I have totally been watching it too! And I agree she drives me crazy and her stupid sunglasses.
    Good luck with the races this weekend. I hope it doesn't rain on you

  10. i had no idea there is a real housewives of vancouver!!



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