Monday, June 11, 2012

{weekend recap}

Happy Monday everyone! This weekend was full of running, rain, wind and family. An odd combination I know, but it was a great weekend.

{friday} Mr.D had gone to his hometown for a graduation party for his friend from fire fighting school, so it was just Harley and I for the night. I had to pick up my race package, so I headed out shortly after I got home from work to pick it up. There was no line ups and the expo was very small, so I didn't stay around after getting my race package. Once I got home, the rest of the night was getting my stuff together and doing laundry. I know how to have fun on a Friday night!!  And just for fun, a picture of my hair on Friday....I was loving it :)

{saturday} I was up bright and early for the race, which I'll do a recap of tomorrow. After the race, I spent the afternoon hanging out on the couch and took Harley for a walk in the afternoon.  Mr.D got home in the late afternoon, so we went out and grabbed some dinner.

{sunday} Mr.D's brother, his wife and our niece were in town, so we met up with them for a brunch and to spend time with them before they leave for NYC in a couple weeks. Our niece has grown so much and it was fun to see them. The rest of the day was spent cleaning the house and getting groceries. Ah the life of grown-ups! 

Tell me: how was your weekend? What were you up to?


  1. Look at the cute little feet medal! Hmm...I might have to scour your Twitter to see if you posted your time. LOL

  2. Love the hair! Is it the twist one you did? Looks great. Cute metal! Glad you got time with family too! :) Boo to Monday already!!

  3. I'm looking forward to hearing the race recap. Way to go!

  4. Love your hair!
    We did not do too much, shopped Saturday and hung around the house yesterday, the weather made is hard to do much outside, but Chad ventured out to golf yesterday.
    Our next few weekends are busy so I was happy to have one last lazy weekend for awhile.

  5. I love your hair from Friday!!

    and cleaning and grocery shopping are my go-to Sunday activities. although this Sunday only grocery shopping was accomplished in favor of going to the beach instead. oops

  6. Another half marathon?! You inspire me! I need to get back into my running/working out groove. I can't wait until Louie is old enough to run with me!

  7. You do such a great job on your hair! Love it!

    Saturday was very rainy and gloomy so we just hung out around the house most of the day. I read my book and went to crossfit in the morning and yoga in the evening. Yesterday morning I went for a long run of 8 miles and then Eric and I went and bought a bunch of flowers and did our front flower bed. It ended up taking us about 4 hours as we had to dig out this huge, horrible, prickly tree and the roots were SO DEEP! But it looks REALLY good and now I'm kicking myself for not taking a before and after photo!

  8. Love the hair. Saturday was a pretty soggy day. My husband volunteered for the race, so I was at home with kids. Hope it went well for you. There's some pretty big elevation in that half marathon.

  9. Your hair is awesome! How did you do that? I try and it just looks like a mess. Can't wait to hear about the race!!

  10. I love your hair!!! I have done one braid (sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't) but never attempted 2 braids. Must try!!

    Never heard of that race before- can't wait for the race report. Yay for another medal! I'm pretty sure Im going to sign up for that 10K that you emailed me about- J can race with Audrey in the Chariot so I think we are gonna do it!

    What? No pictures of your niece?? :) I bet she's such a big girl now!

  11. Sounds like a great weekend - I am anxious to read your race report and hear how it went!!

    My weekend was wonderful. I had a post-CFA celebration with friends on Friday night, went to my parents lake on Saturday morning and then to a family wedding on Sat night, and then lounged around at the lake on Sunday and caught up with a cousin I hadn't seen in awhile. So a very fun, full weekend!



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