Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What's next?

To all of those Calgary & area bloggers that are planning on coming to the blogger meet up, mark your calendars for Thursday July 19, 2012. I will be doing either a post or sending out an email with all of the details shortly :)


Now that my two planned half marathons for this year have come and gone, I am left wondering what's next? Do I want to run another half marathon or two in the fall? If so, what ones? Or do I want to do some short races? Or do I want to just casually run and focus more on CrossFit? 

If I were to run another half marathon this year, I want to run a race that I haven't done yet. There are a few that I am looking at: 

Edmonton half marathon: August 19, 2012
Dinosaur half marathon: September 9, 2012
St. Albert fall challenge: September 23, 2012
Harvest half marathon: September 29, 2012
Spank the panc 21K: October 20, 2012
Last chance half marathon: November 11, 2012

Has any local bloggers/runners run any of these races? Any that I should do or stay away from? 

I know that I will continue with CrossFit, but sometimes I wonder how strong, fit, fast I could become if that was all I did and really focused on my WOD's. I doubt that I would ever become strong enough to compete in the open's, but I do know I have little goals I would like to achieve...doing an unassisted pull up, a handstand push up, etc.

In the short term, Mr.D and I might run a pet oriented 5K run this Sunday. I came across it today and it's geared towards running with your dog, so that might be fun to do together with Harley. 

Tell me: what should I do?! Run another half marathon (or two) or stick to shorter races? Have you ran any of the races that I mentioned above?


  1. I cannot wait, only one month! Let me know if you need anything at all!
    I think that I want to start focusing on learning to run properly... sounds weird but I have been watching videos and have new barefoot runners so I want to focus on that and then try and PR at a 10km race. I really enjoy the 10km distance.
    I ran the Edmonton half two years ago and think its a easy race. I have heard the last chance can be brutal because of the weather.

  2. Ah I wish Cruz was here, I would join you Sunday. Boo. :( YAY for the blogger meet up! Super excited!!

  3. I've heard really good things about the Dinosaur race!

    I think really focusing on crossfit would be good for a month or two as well, I bet you'd be surprised how well you keep up your running fitness even if you do that. I find that I get bored of certain workouts if I do them too much though so that's why I like my current balance of crossfit, yoga and running. Though sometimes I don't feel like i'm getting my money's worth out of crossfit and yoga because it's so hard to fit it all into a week!

  4. If nothing else, you need to do the Spank the Panc just for the name.

  5. Aww - wish I could come to the meetup...but I can't do weekdays. I live way out of town (Langdon) and with two toddlers, early evenings are the only time I have with them during the week...

    Maybe if you have another one sometime on a weekend, I'll totally be able to come.

  6. They all look great! Sorry that I can't provide any input for you :(

  7. I'm excited for the meetup. I marked it down and hopefully I can sneak out of work early! Looking forward to meeting some new peeps!

    I'm not a runner therefore my vote lies with staying with Crossfit for awhile. I don't think you should say you'd never be able to compete for the open. I think you should train hard and see where the next year takes you! I think if I wasn't pregnant I would definitely train to do the open next year. I have a lot of things I need to work on, but regardless of where you place you can still say you worked hard and tried it.

    Good luck with whatever you decide on!

  8. That is a tough call! I love the half marathon distance. I am not great at shorter races, mostly because I train for endurance, not speed. It might be fun to mix things up and train for a fast 5k or 10k.

  9. Sweet- I can come to the blogger meet up!! Now I just have to decide what to bring...

    Do the Harvest Half! That's the race I am going to do... you will finish an hour before me but whatever!!



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