Monday, July 30, 2012

{weekend recap}

Another fabulous summer weekend come and gone :( I'm not complaining too much though because I am off today and Friday, and then it's two straight weeks off. So looking forward to it!

{friday} Once I got home from work, I took Harley for a short walk.  Mr.D had a friend come into town for a concert, so the three of us went out for dinner and then I dropped the boys off at the concert. I headed home and watched some trashy way to spend a Friday night :) Later that night, I went back and picked up the boys and then we all hung out chatting for a bit.

{saturday} I slept in in the morning and then headed to a CrossFit class. The boys went to see the new Batman movie as I wasn't interested in seeing it, so I took Harley for a long walk after my CrossFit class. I knew it was hot out, but didn't realize that I was burning until later that night. I am rocking some pretty sweet tan lines ;)

{sunday} I was up bright and early as I signed up to volunteer for the Calgary 70.3 Ironman. The race was taking place in the south part of the city {compared to where I live!}, so I gave myself extra time to get there. Turns out, the roads aren't too busy at 7:30 in the morning! Once the other volunteers started showing up, we quickly got our aid station set up and patiently waited for all of the athletes to come through. It was amazing to watch all of the athletes and see all of the different ages competing. The two that amazed me were a girl who was 16 years old and a lady who was 82 years old! I ended up seeing Deb twice and she looked great each time. Congratulations again Deb on your first half ironman, you are amazing! I ended up volunteering until close to 4pm, which was a long yet fun day in the sun. Once I got home, we took a family nap (yes, Mr.D and Harley napped too!) and then had a BBQ for dinner. 

Gorgeous views of the water near the volunteer station

Tell me: how was your weekend? What were you up to?

Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday's letters

Dear weekend: thank you so, so much for coming around again! I think I might even make you a long weekend and take Monday off. Dear Calgary 70.3 Ironman participants: I am looking forward to cheering my heart out and handing you water, etc on Sunday. Good luck to everyone racing! Dear bloggers: please don't go and enter in Alison's giveaway for a pretty dress okay? I would really like to win it. Dear everyone: have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

If you really knew me..

I am sure many of you have seen this floating around the blogsphere, but I had no idea what to post about today, so I thought why not? As a random side note, does anyone else think of the MTV show called this when they read the blog title? Or am I the only one who watches those shows?

If you really knew me....

- you would know that my parent's divorced when I was in grade 3 (or around there). Growing up in a small Christian town where no one else had divorced parents was strange and hard at times.

- you would know that I can hold a mean grudge and don't forgive easily. 

- you would know that I can be a big loner at times. I have to continually push myself to make plans or do things outside of my comfort zone instead of just hanging out at home all of the time.

- you would know that I have a weird thing with certain words. {don't even think about commenting with them Alison or Lindsey!!}

- you would know that I used to be a big tom boy growing up. Oh lordy, how I used to love and live in Nike clothes.

- you would know that I had my heart broken by my first serious boyfriend. I still greatly dislike {ok, maybe hate} him to this day. 

- you would know that I usually have piles of clothes laying on our bathroom tub. They don't stay there for long, but they are always there.

Tell me: what is something that no one knows about you?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

{what i'm loving}

I haven't linked up with Jamie's {what i'm loving} Wednesday for a while, so I thought why not?

This week, I am loving:

  • nights with zero plans that lead to a quick shopping trip, a run with Harley and time spent on the couch catching up on shows
  • my sweet husband. He surprised me with new lens for my new to me sun glasses and a new case. Such a sweetheart :)
  • that my vacation starts in just over a week! So excited for two weeks off. 
  • that the Bachelor Pad has started! Love it though!
  • this sweet puppy face!
Tell me: what are you loving today?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer reads

Is it just me or is summer time the best time to read books? A couple of weeks ago, we happened to be by a Value Village, so I stopped in and grabbed a few books. The best part of buying books there? If you buy five books, you get one free. Can't beat that! I know I personally love reading books that others have recommended, so I thought I would recap a few books that I've read recently.

The Blind Side by Michael Lewis
I am sure that everyone has seen this movie, but I always find the book has more information and details. There were a few sections with too much football information for me, but otherwise loved it. Lots of things I didn't realize about Michael Oher and his life growing up.

Forgotten by Catherine McKenzie
This book is about a lawyer who is just a few years into her law career when her mother dies. Her mothers dying wish was for her daughter to see Africa, so she left her an all expenses paid trip. The main character goes on the trip and finds herself in the middle of a natural disaster and lost all forms of contact with the outside world. With no communication in a few months, her friends and family think that she has died. When the character returns home six months later, many things have changed and she has to find her way through all of the changes. I started and finished this book in a night, so it was an easy but good read.

Sweet little Lies by Lauren Conrad
I think this is the second book in the series by Lauren Conrad. The story line resembled the show "The Hills", so it was fun to guess what character would be who on the show, etc. A pretty easy and mindless read.

Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weiner
This book is the story of two women who were friends as young girls but as life changed, they slowly drifted apart. One night, one of the girls shows up out of the blue saying she desperately needs her help. As the friend helps the other one through the situation, it brings back many memories and the girls are able to fix their relationship. Another easy read. 

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
This book was recommended to me by Paula. It is the story of a husband whose wife goes missing. It is told in current time by the husband and also in the past through the wife's journals. It has some serious twists and turns towards the end that I didn't see coming at all! I definitely recommend this book!

Tell me: what have you read recently? Anything good?

Monday, July 23, 2012

{weekend recap}

What a fabulous weekend! I promise I won't cry too much that it's over already.

{friday} After work, we took Harley for a quick walk. Once we got home, we headed to the mall. I was really hoping to find some new summer clothes, but didn't have much luck.

{saturday} We got up in the morning and decided to go for a bike ride. We were throwing some route ideas around and decided to the Canmore to Banff route and back. It was a pretty overcast day in Canmore, but was perfect for biking! The ride from Canmore to Banff was tough because it was slightly uphill and there was a really big headwind the whole way there. It took us about an hour to make it to Banff and about 40 minutes on the way back...craziness. We took a break in Banff to get some food and watch all of the tourists.

I'm such a loser
After our bike ride, we took Harley for a walk and then headed to some friend's house to watch the UFC fights. I can't say that I enjoy fighting, but it was fun to hang out with friends.

{sunday} I slept in in the morning, which was amazing! Once getting up and motivating myself, I took Harley for a long walk. In the afternoon, I did a little shopping therapy. I didn't have much luck again with the stores and finding any summer clothes :( After shopping, I did a quick workout and then we were off to meet Alison & Justin for some drinks and wings. Damn Alison made more brownies and sent us home with are still dead Alison! :)

Tell me: how was your weekend?

Friday, July 20, 2012

{happy friday}

Happy Friday everyone! So glad that it's finally the weekend. I am ready for some down time and not to be at work :)

The blogger meet up at my house went so well last night! It was fun to get everyone together and talk not through a computer. Lots of people hadn't met each other yet, so it was great that everyone was able to meet someone new. Don't worry girls, I'll be sending out an email with everyone's blog information shortly :) And just because everyone was bugging me about it last night, here's a picture to prove that I really don't use my dishwasher:

Thank you all for coming and we will definitely have to do another get together soon!

This weekend, we actually don't have much planned. A trip to the mall maybe tonight, a CrossFit class and just hanging out around the house. So looking forward to it!

Tell me: what do you have planned for the weekend?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Three Things Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone! One more day and it's the weekend :)

Okay, onto my three things for this fine Thursday:

{one} I biked to work this morning and managed to not almost be hit by a truck like last week. Definitely thankful for that! All of this biking to work means I will have a gorgeous pair of legs right?!

{two} A bunch of lovely Calgary bloggers are coming to my house tonight for a blogger meet up. So excited to have everyone together and meet a couple new people! :) I am off this afternoon to get everything ready and make sure my house is spic and span. Don't want a bunch of bloggers judging how messy my house is ;) (totally kidding!)

{three} Next weekend, I signed up to volunteer at the Calgary 70.3. I will be on the run course and can't wait to cheer people on! I know that Deb will be in the there anyone else doing it that I can look for and cheer for? I just need to go by myself some noise makers now!

Have a great Thursday everyone!

Tell me: what are your three things for today?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Getting my sweat on

Another week, another round of workouts. Ready for it? 

Monday: at home CrossFit workout

10 to 1 ladder of:

Squats and sit ups

This is a great at home workout! All you have to do is do 10 squats, 10 sit ups, 9 squats, 9 sit ups, etc until you make it to 1 rep.

Tuesday: bike commute to and from work, which was 17.3km each way. 34.6km total.

Wednesday: CrossFit workout

A: As many rounds as possible in 6 minutes:
10 burpees
10 box jumps (20")
10 pull ups

B: For distance with 3 attempts with rest in between of:

Farmers walk with 1.5 pood/hand

Thursday: another bike commute to and from work. 34.6km total.

Friday: 3.2km walk with Harley

Saturday: 5km walk with Harley and a CrossFit workout:

Sunday: 4km walk with Harley and a CrossFit workout:

Tell me: how was your week of workouts?

Monday, July 16, 2012

{weekend recap}

Another weekend gone by in a least this means I am getting closer to my summer holidays! 

{friday} I left work early and made a few pit stops on my way home. It was worth the vacation hours taken to have some time to myself and to get some stuff done. Once I got home, I quickly changed and took Harley for a quick walk.  Shortly after that, I was out the door again to head to Nicole's for her surprise 30th party! There were lots of friends and family there and it was a half surprise for Nicole (someone ruined the surprise part!), but I think she had a great time. Happy birthday again Nicole!

{saturday} Mr.D was gone all weekend on a biking trip with friends, so it was just Harley and I. I went to a CrossFit class in the morning and then Harley and I went on a long walk. The rest of the day was spent cleaning around the house, lounging and reading books. I finished this book:

That Paula had recommended to me. The book definitely has some twists that I didn't see coming! I recommend it for a summer read. After I finished that one, I started another book called Forgotten. I can't remember who it's by, but it was a quick and easy read. Another great summer read. 

{sunday} The day started off with me setting off our house alarm at 7:30am! Good morning! I somehow forgot that I had set the alarm the night before, so when I went to let Harley out in the morning, it went off. Once the alarm stuff was taken care of, it was back to bed and we slept until 10am! It was delightful. Later in the morning, I headed to another CrossFit class for this killer workout:

I am pretty sure I bruised my forearms from all of those tire flips! I'm not sure if anyone was watching the CrossFit Games at all, but one of the coaches at my box was competing at the games in the masters division. She killed it and came in 14th!!  The rest of the day was spent walking Harley, doing chores and taking a nap. 

Tell me: how was your weekend?

Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday's letters

Dear Frtiday: thank you for coming again! This week has been a trying week at work, so I am more than ready to have a few days off. Dear Nicole: HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY! I hope you have a fantastic day and are spoiled rotten :) Dear bike: I am so glad that I bought you last weekend. I rode you twice to work this week and enjoyed it each time. Well maybe not the two huge hills coming home, but other than that! Dear weather: thank you for being so gorgeous lately! I know lots of people are complaining about being too hot, but they can suck it up! It's MUCH better than it being -30C! Dear Mr.D: sorry I was such a grump last night. I promise it won't happen again.

Have a great weekend weekend everyone!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

These are my confessions {V14}

Find my previous confessions here:

Too many hair products
Shaving my big toes
Must make the bed
Random chin hair 

Zero patience 

Small number of friends 

No undies 
Silly crushes
Children's toothbrush
Picky eater 

Dislike for country music

First kiss


I confess....that since we moved into our house over two years ago, we have only used our dishwasher a handful of times. Last week, I commented on someone's tweet about not having a dishwasher and how we have one but never use it. That sparked lots of comments about how many people could not live without theirs! For Mr.D and I, we have it worked out that we switch each night who is washing and drying, which works for us. The main reason that we don't use the dishwasher is that we would have to hand wash our pots and pans anyways, so we might as well do the rest of them.

So, let's hear it. Am I the only one who has a dishwasher and barely uses it?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I workout

I had another fun week of workouts, so I thought why not post about them? I feel weird that I haven't been running at all, but I almost have no desire to. Is that bad?

Monday: 5km walk with Harley and a 19km bike ride. It was a gorgeous night and fun to just bike around our neighbourhood and the next one.

Tuesday: 4km walk with Harley. Some people hate walking, but I really enjoy our almost nightly walks :)

Wednesday: CrossFit workout 

A. AMRAP in 5 minutes of tire flips
B. 100 sledge hammer strikes for time
C. 800m run with 25lbs

Thursday: CrossFit workout
As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
5 burpees over box
10 knees to elbows

Friday: 4km walk with Harley and an at home workout of:

You do each exercise 10 times then 9 then 8, etc. This was tougher than I thought it would be, but a good workout anyone can do at home!

Saturday: 5km walk with Harley early in the morning and then 38km bike ride with Mr.D on my new bike

Sunday: a killer CrossFit workout

Tell me: have you done any good workouts lately? 

Monday, July 9, 2012

{weekend recap}

This was a beyond fantastic summer weekend! The sun was shining the whole time and we have no real plans for once. 

{friday} We didn't do much at all this night....I took Harley for a walk after work and we just enjoyed the night hanging around the house.

{saturday} In the morning, we went to a couple bike shops as I was hoping to buy myself a new road bike. The first place we went to basically asked my height and picked out a bike for fitting it for my body at all. If I am throwing down a large chunk of money on a bike, I want it perfect for my body. After the first bike shop fail, we went to another bike shop and had much better luck there. The sales guy asked my price range and then choose a bike that was in that range and the right size. He then had me hop on the bike and did a bunch of different measurements and tweaks to the bike to ensure it was right for me. I ended up buying a Cannondale synapse. Not top of the line, but perfect for me! 

We loaded the bike up and headed home. Shortly after getting home, we changed into our bike gear and headed out for a bike ride into the downtown core. We ended up riding 38km and I loved every minute of it! Well maybe not the huge hill we had to climb less than two km from our house. But the best part of the ride? Stopping at Lick's for ice cream!

Later that night, we went out for a delicious dinner to The Keg. We had two gift cards, so it was nice to have dinner covered!

{sunday} I was up bright and early to make my way south to cheer with Cori at the Stampede Road Race. It was my first time meeting her after chatting with her on Twitter for a while, so it was great to finally meet her! Nicole was running the 5k and kicked some serious butt!  Thanks again for sharing your noise makers with me Cori! :)

Cori and I
Shaking my thang!
Nicole in the middle of the crowd!
After the race, I made my way to CrossFit for a killer workout! This one took me 36 minutes and had me sweating the whole time.

After CrossFit, I spent the rest of the day hanging out in the sun reading my book and playing with Harley. Perfect Sunday afternoon :)

Happy and hot Harley
The gorgeous weather we had

Tell me: how was your weekend?

Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday's letters

Dear weekend: thank you for being here! So excited to see you again. Dear work: I am so looking forward to having our Stampede pancake breakfast this morning. Pancakes, sausage, bacon and watching the parade on TV. What more could you ask for? Dear sun: thank goodness you are supposed to be out this weekend. I am so looking forward to the 29C weather! It's been too long since we've seen temperatures that warm. Dear MEC: thank you for putting on a race in August. Only $15 to run a 10K! If you are from Calgary and want to join in, let me know. Dear Mr.D: thank you for being such an awesome husband.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

DIY Wooden Wall Sign

Two weekends ago, I had some inspiration and motivation strike me, so I decided to take a DIY project. Our fireplace is the hardest thing to decorate for me because it's on such a tall wall, so I decided to make my own wooden wall sign that are all over Pinterest.

Materials needed

  • scrap wood or wood cut to your desired size {I bought two 1x6x8 at Rona and cut them to size at home}
  • two paint colours
  • stencils {I typed the saying I wanted in Word using around 250 sized font, then printed it out on cardstock and cut out the letters with a craft knife}
  • large paint brush
  • small paint brush

1. The first step would be to gather your scrap pieces of wood or buy them from your local home improvement store. 

2. Cut the pieces of wood down to size and nail together on the back using smaller pieces of wood

3. Put two thin coats of paint onto the wooden sign. I had extra paint laying around our house, so I used that.

4. Once you have your letters all cut out, line the stencils up on the wood as you prefer

5.  I found that using a small foam brush with a small amount of paint worked well for filling in the stencils. I taped the first stencil down, but just held the rest in place. 

6. Once the paint is dry and using a smaller paint brush, touch up your letters if any of the paint leaked through the stencil. 

7. I gave my sign a light standing with a sanding block to give it a little character, but that is totally up to you!

For a $15 DIY project, I am pretty happy with how it came out!

Tell me: have you done any DIY projects lately?

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

{weekend recap}

How do weekends especially long weekends go by so quickly?! I guess that happens when you are having fun right? :)

To summarize this weekend in a few words, it would be: family, lots of eating, lacrosse and gorgeous weather. 

Friday night was spent at a CrossFit class and hanging out at home. The perfect combination :) On Saturday, it was a gorgeous morning, so Harley and I went for a run. It was pretty warm by 10am, so we ended up walking a lot, but it was still nice to get out. The rest of the afternoon was spent running around trying to find some parts for our vehicle. We took it in last week to the dealership and they wanted to charge us a crazy amount for work that Mr.D and his dad could do, so we had to track down the parts. Luckily, we were able to find everything and the boys did the work on Sunday morning MUCH cheaper than at the dealership. Around dinner, we headed out to watch Mr.D's cousins lacrosse game. They live in BC, but were in town for a tournament for the weekend, so we wanted to catch up with them.

Mr.D's family at our wedding
My MIL and her sister from BC
The rest of the weekend was spent hanging out with Mr.D's family (his parent's came into town late on Saturday night after a minor car incident), watching many lacrosse games and eating yummy food. Two highlights for food for the weekend were eating at Craft and Belmont diner. Craft is a beer market, but has amazing food as well. The Belmont diner is a really small diner located in Marda Loop, which serves breakfast and dinner. Both restaurants had AMAZING food and are worth the price.

Now, it's back to work I go for four days. Fingers crossed that this short goes by quickly so it's the weekend again!

Tell me: how was your weekend? 


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