Thursday, July 5, 2012

DIY Wooden Wall Sign

Two weekends ago, I had some inspiration and motivation strike me, so I decided to take a DIY project. Our fireplace is the hardest thing to decorate for me because it's on such a tall wall, so I decided to make my own wooden wall sign that are all over Pinterest.

Materials needed

  • scrap wood or wood cut to your desired size {I bought two 1x6x8 at Rona and cut them to size at home}
  • two paint colours
  • stencils {I typed the saying I wanted in Word using around 250 sized font, then printed it out on cardstock and cut out the letters with a craft knife}
  • large paint brush
  • small paint brush

1. The first step would be to gather your scrap pieces of wood or buy them from your local home improvement store. 

2. Cut the pieces of wood down to size and nail together on the back using smaller pieces of wood

3. Put two thin coats of paint onto the wooden sign. I had extra paint laying around our house, so I used that.

4. Once you have your letters all cut out, line the stencils up on the wood as you prefer

5.  I found that using a small foam brush with a small amount of paint worked well for filling in the stencils. I taped the first stencil down, but just held the rest in place. 

6. Once the paint is dry and using a smaller paint brush, touch up your letters if any of the paint leaked through the stencil. 

7. I gave my sign a light standing with a sanding block to give it a little character, but that is totally up to you!

For a $15 DIY project, I am pretty happy with how it came out!

Tell me: have you done any DIY projects lately?


  1. Again with your craftiness! I tried some canvas wall pictures and that did not work so I need to re-attempt then. Yours looks great!

  2. that looks fabulous!! i want to make one now!!!

  3. LOVE it!!! Great job, it's perfect up there!! :)

  4. LOVE this! Your DIY's are all awesome!

  5. Love it Leigh! it looks awesome on the fireplace!!

  6. Oh what a great idea! It looks great.

  7. Love!! Looks so good and such a beautiful saying!

  8. You are SO crafty!! That turned out awesome!!!

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