Thursday, July 26, 2012

If you really knew me..

I am sure many of you have seen this floating around the blogsphere, but I had no idea what to post about today, so I thought why not? As a random side note, does anyone else think of the MTV show called this when they read the blog title? Or am I the only one who watches those shows?

If you really knew me....

- you would know that my parent's divorced when I was in grade 3 (or around there). Growing up in a small Christian town where no one else had divorced parents was strange and hard at times.

- you would know that I can hold a mean grudge and don't forgive easily. 

- you would know that I can be a big loner at times. I have to continually push myself to make plans or do things outside of my comfort zone instead of just hanging out at home all of the time.

- you would know that I have a weird thing with certain words. {don't even think about commenting with them Alison or Lindsey!!}

- you would know that I used to be a big tom boy growing up. Oh lordy, how I used to love and live in Nike clothes.

- you would know that I had my heart broken by my first serious boyfriend. I still greatly dislike {ok, maybe hate} him to this day. 

- you would know that I usually have piles of clothes laying on our bathroom tub. They don't stay there for long, but they are always there.

Tell me: what is something that no one knows about you?


  1. haha. Well it might be obvious from my lack of posting about him, but my Dad has not been in our lives for 15 plus years. Chad has never met him. I last talked to him in grade 11 and he just called me in January for the first time.

  2. This is a fun meme! I don't think I knew that you hold a mean grudge but I DO know what words you hate, or at least some of them ;)

  3. Ok fine I won't say anything. ;) I can be a loner too. ;) I also hold grudges and hate my x for breaking my heart. Jerks.

  4. I hate that I can hold a grudge... It has seriously been a year, but I am just getting over someone hurting my feelings and am working on building a relationship back! 1 whole year!! Oh and I am still not over it! Forgive- maybe BUT never forget! Once a trust is broken... its forever gone!

  5. at least you met your true love from that stupid heart break :)

  6. I knew some of these things about you, so I guess I kind of really know you! :)

    Some things about me:

    - I still use a blanket that I got from my grandparents when I was about 4. My mom tried getting me a new, nice blanket to use but I never use it!

    - I rarely eat dinner at my dining room table. I usually eat at my coffee table while reading blogs (like I am doing right now).

    - I am afraid of dogs and the thought of dog parks where dogs run out in the open at full speed makes me twinge/convulse.

  7. Yah my parents divorced when I was going into grade 2 and it was the same thing for me- surrounded by Catholic families where no one else was divorced. Now it's odd to not have a blended family.

    So what are these words? I hope I don't use them! More so because I don't want to annoy you! I find I will say some words online that I would never say in real life.

    I have an ex or two that broke my heart but I'm happy that I dated a few losers first to know that J is the right guy for me! Makes me very grateful that those relationships didn't work out!

  8. you may have to share what these words are! haha.

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