Wednesday, July 11, 2012

These are my confessions {V14}

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I confess....that since we moved into our house over two years ago, we have only used our dishwasher a handful of times. Last week, I commented on someone's tweet about not having a dishwasher and how we have one but never use it. That sparked lots of comments about how many people could not live without theirs! For Mr.D and I, we have it worked out that we switch each night who is washing and drying, which works for us. The main reason that we don't use the dishwasher is that we would have to hand wash our pots and pans anyways, so we might as well do the rest of them.

So, let's hear it. Am I the only one who has a dishwasher and barely uses it?


  1. To me, even though I have to hand wash my pots and pans, I still MUCH prefer just doing the couple pots and then the rest in the dishwasher. I hate washing bowls, cups, cutlery. I definitely don't agree with the "might as well hand wash the rest!" sentiment. But everyone has their own hated chores!

  2. Oh man. We put EVERYTHING in the dishwasher... including pots and pans. Michael has a firm motto that if it can't go thru the dishwasher, it doesn't belong in our house. Needless to say, we go thru a hot of pots and pans, and plastic cups.

  3. I think you are! haha. I hate washing dishes. I would put everything in the dishwasher if I had my way. But Chad likes to hand wash pots and pans, which is fine with me since I do most of the cooking he always does the dishes after :)

  4. I was raised with a dishwasher and the fact that I don't have one now drives me NUTS!

  5. We put most everything in the dishwasher but I do wash my pots and pans by hand. Only because they take up too much room!! Ha

  6. We have a dishwasher, but I try not to use it all the time. Sometimes it just gets overwhelming, but I put everything in it. :)

  7. That is truly odd!! We always have a few dishes that need to be hand washed but there is no way I want to wash all the cutlery, glasses, and dish ware that we use each day!

    So what about your breakfast dishes? Do you wash those right away or leave them in the sink to be washed that night?

  8. we dont use ours either, its not like 2 people have tons and tons to wash

  9. we do a bit of both in our house, husband washes the dishes and lets them dry in a rack but our plates and cups and silverware all go in the dish washer

  10. Washing dishes is one of my least favorite chores, besides mopping the floor, that I hate more. So we use our dishwasher all the time! We don't run it every day, but we use it enough that I think it would be tough on us with out it...

  11. I would die without our dishwasher! Even pre-kids, we still regularly used it. I guess I'm just lazy. :)

  12. I don't put pots and pans in mine either, but I definitely use mine! I only run it about once a week. But I love having it!!



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