Monday, July 9, 2012

{weekend recap}

This was a beyond fantastic summer weekend! The sun was shining the whole time and we have no real plans for once. 

{friday} We didn't do much at all this night....I took Harley for a walk after work and we just enjoyed the night hanging around the house.

{saturday} In the morning, we went to a couple bike shops as I was hoping to buy myself a new road bike. The first place we went to basically asked my height and picked out a bike for fitting it for my body at all. If I am throwing down a large chunk of money on a bike, I want it perfect for my body. After the first bike shop fail, we went to another bike shop and had much better luck there. The sales guy asked my price range and then choose a bike that was in that range and the right size. He then had me hop on the bike and did a bunch of different measurements and tweaks to the bike to ensure it was right for me. I ended up buying a Cannondale synapse. Not top of the line, but perfect for me! 

We loaded the bike up and headed home. Shortly after getting home, we changed into our bike gear and headed out for a bike ride into the downtown core. We ended up riding 38km and I loved every minute of it! Well maybe not the huge hill we had to climb less than two km from our house. But the best part of the ride? Stopping at Lick's for ice cream!

Later that night, we went out for a delicious dinner to The Keg. We had two gift cards, so it was nice to have dinner covered!

{sunday} I was up bright and early to make my way south to cheer with Cori at the Stampede Road Race. It was my first time meeting her after chatting with her on Twitter for a while, so it was great to finally meet her! Nicole was running the 5k and kicked some serious butt!  Thanks again for sharing your noise makers with me Cori! :)

Cori and I
Shaking my thang!
Nicole in the middle of the crowd!
After the race, I made my way to CrossFit for a killer workout! This one took me 36 minutes and had me sweating the whole time.

After CrossFit, I spent the rest of the day hanging out in the sun reading my book and playing with Harley. Perfect Sunday afternoon :)

Happy and hot Harley
The gorgeous weather we had

Tell me: how was your weekend?


  1. sounds like a lovely weekend! i love a good relaxing friday night at home... ps, you look adorable in your bike gear :)

  2. what did you have at the Keg...I went the other night and tried their was tempura battered snap peas and asparagus with a soy sauce dipping juice,..OMG it was sooo delish

  3. 38KM!? Nice! We did about 20km yesterday and between that and our leg workout, I have one sore butt today! haha
    Love your tank in the ice cream photo - where is it from? Looking forward to seeing you next week!!

  4. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me! I definitely enjoyed reading about your road bike shopping experience! I think that that's what's making me nervous about going shopping for one: the right fit. I'm glad you put it to good use already!

  5. Yeay for a new bike! So exciting! Love the picture of Harley in the baby pool! :)

  6. Yay new bike!! I want to see a picture!! What was wrong with your other bike? I love bike rides that include a stop for ice cream!!

    Thanks again for cheering me on at the race!

    I'm envious of Harley's pool. Might have to pick one up!



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