Monday, July 23, 2012

{weekend recap}

What a fabulous weekend! I promise I won't cry too much that it's over already.

{friday} After work, we took Harley for a quick walk. Once we got home, we headed to the mall. I was really hoping to find some new summer clothes, but didn't have much luck.

{saturday} We got up in the morning and decided to go for a bike ride. We were throwing some route ideas around and decided to the Canmore to Banff route and back. It was a pretty overcast day in Canmore, but was perfect for biking! The ride from Canmore to Banff was tough because it was slightly uphill and there was a really big headwind the whole way there. It took us about an hour to make it to Banff and about 40 minutes on the way back...craziness. We took a break in Banff to get some food and watch all of the tourists.

I'm such a loser
After our bike ride, we took Harley for a walk and then headed to some friend's house to watch the UFC fights. I can't say that I enjoy fighting, but it was fun to hang out with friends.

{sunday} I slept in in the morning, which was amazing! Once getting up and motivating myself, I took Harley for a long walk. In the afternoon, I did a little shopping therapy. I didn't have much luck again with the stores and finding any summer clothes :( After shopping, I did a quick workout and then we were off to meet Alison & Justin for some drinks and wings. Damn Alison made more brownies and sent us home with are still dead Alison! :)

Tell me: how was your weekend?


  1. That must have been a beautiful ride...
    I think I need to come "home" during the summer one of these days so I can take advantage of some fun in the mountains.

  2. Sounds like a great weekend and awesome bike ride! We had a family reunion/celebration Saturday in Consort, and Sunday I ran a 10km race, so much fun to actually race again! I think I am addicted again. hah

  3. Oh you love when I make you brownies ;) don't lie!! :) Nice work on the ride!! thanks again for coming for dinner!

  4. That sounds like a super fun weekend! How nice there is a bike trail like that along the highway. Glad to hear you're getting lots of use out of your new bike too!

  5. love the "thumbs up" picture...i do that all the time haha

  6. I was riding on Saturday too. The wind was brutal! Nice job on the ride. I think about riding that section every time I drive by. I need to actually do it now!

  7. That is quite the bike ride! I love going to Banff and watching tourists!

  8. Sounds like an awesome weekend. What a beautiful area to bike! You live in such a gorgeous area!!

    My weekend was great. It was a good mix of having things to do but also having downtime to relax!

  9. Nice bike!! I want to do that route next year (once we can take Audrey in the Chariot). Glad you guys had fun!



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