Monday, July 30, 2012

{weekend recap}

Another fabulous summer weekend come and gone :( I'm not complaining too much though because I am off today and Friday, and then it's two straight weeks off. So looking forward to it!

{friday} Once I got home from work, I took Harley for a short walk.  Mr.D had a friend come into town for a concert, so the three of us went out for dinner and then I dropped the boys off at the concert. I headed home and watched some trashy way to spend a Friday night :) Later that night, I went back and picked up the boys and then we all hung out chatting for a bit.

{saturday} I slept in in the morning and then headed to a CrossFit class. The boys went to see the new Batman movie as I wasn't interested in seeing it, so I took Harley for a long walk after my CrossFit class. I knew it was hot out, but didn't realize that I was burning until later that night. I am rocking some pretty sweet tan lines ;)

{sunday} I was up bright and early as I signed up to volunteer for the Calgary 70.3 Ironman. The race was taking place in the south part of the city {compared to where I live!}, so I gave myself extra time to get there. Turns out, the roads aren't too busy at 7:30 in the morning! Once the other volunteers started showing up, we quickly got our aid station set up and patiently waited for all of the athletes to come through. It was amazing to watch all of the athletes and see all of the different ages competing. The two that amazed me were a girl who was 16 years old and a lady who was 82 years old! I ended up seeing Deb twice and she looked great each time. Congratulations again Deb on your first half ironman, you are amazing! I ended up volunteering until close to 4pm, which was a long yet fun day in the sun. Once I got home, we took a family nap (yes, Mr.D and Harley napped too!) and then had a BBQ for dinner. 

Gorgeous views of the water near the volunteer station

Tell me: how was your weekend? What were you up to?


  1. I am so excited for our trip!! 2 weeks off nice!

  2. Sounds like a good weekend! I had a perfect summer weekend too and spent the WHOLE thing outside in the sun, laying by the pool on Saturday and hiking/golfing yesterday. I am feeling it a bit this morning though as I'm super duper tired!

    You are looking super toned and fit by the way!

  3. Sounds like a great weekend! That was so nice of you to volunteer all day! My weekend was great. I watched the opening ceremonies on Friday night, ran 12 w/ my group on Sunday, and then headed to the lake. It was a beautiful weekend and I got to see all 5 of my nephews and my niece! I did not want to come back last night!

    I agree with Amber - you look awesome!

  4. Thanks for following my blog. I've got you bookmarked. Missed meeting you at the race, but it will happen another time I'm sure! Nice that you also follow my buddy N from Haute Runner!

    1. im jealous you have a short week!

  5. I have next week off and I'm not going anywhere, but I can't wait to have a week off.
    (and i hope your burn isn't too sore)

  6. Nice tan lines!! I've started wearing a tube top on long walks to reduce the nasty tan lines since I have to wear a bridesmaid dress in 2 weeks!

    Good for you for volunteering!!



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