Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday's letters

Dear rain: please go away. I don't like having to wear pants, a sweater and a jacket to work this morning because you are making my city so cold. I refuse to put on shoes because of you though. Dear weekend: thank you for coming again! So excited to have two days off. Dear Mercato: thank you for the beyond delicious and huge meal last night! It might have been a little expensive, but so worth it for a once in a long while treat. I know that Mr. D and I will be enjoying the left overs today. Dear legs: please hold up tomorrow. I promise I'll be nice to you after that. 

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Glad you enjoyed dinner! Amen to the rain - beat it! Good luck tomorrow!!

  2. Good luck tomorrow!!!

    I hope some warm weather comes your way again, although I am not coming back to bring it this time! But I did follow through last time!

  3. Good luck tomorrow! It poured rain all evening yesterday here and it's downright chilly this morning! Fall is well on it's way I suppose.

  4. But I love the rain! Don't you find it refreshing? I'm sure it will be stinking hot again soon. Glad you enjoyed your anniversary dinner. Good luck tomorrow!

  5. Have a great race! I hope the rain holds off for you! We had some cooler temps for awhile, but the temps have heated up again, which I am happy about. I'm excited for fall but not *quite* ready for summer to end!



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